Editorial – Sorry for the lack of postings.

Me, new cam

I apologise for the lack of articles over the holiday break.  I have not lost interest, just the ability to see the computer screen clearly.

I have been suffering from cataracts in both eyes for a little over a year now, hence the need to wear spectacles which I have not had to do previously.Two days before Christmas, I had an operation in my left eye to replace the existing lens with a plastic one.  This plastic lens, unfortunately is a fixed focus item and I cannot adjust my vision closer than 4 or 5 feet as I could with the natural lens.  This has left me in a quandary because I could not see the screen with my left eye because it was still learning how to become the ‘dominant’ eye and so I had to wear my spectacles in order to use my right eye. Of course, the spectacle lens for my left eye were entirely wrong and so I was left with multiple images from both eyes.

however, my left eye is now learning to be the dominant one and although I have slight double vision I can now see the screen from a distance of around 4 feet without spectacles (Distance is not a problem as the focal length at last allows me to be road legal again and to be able to read a car number plate at the proscribed distance).  I just have to convince my brain that I have no right eye.  Luckily, I have a large 27″ monitor that allows me to read the screen enough to do some work though it is tiring.

Roll on a few more months when I have my right eye done as well.

It just leaves me to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year and well it may be if we have, as suspected, the EU referendum this year.  We must all do our very best to spread the word and convince the sheep to vote the right way: OUT.

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