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The European Union is currently undergoing an identity crisis, as nationalism is being revived in some European countries, according to the opinion news website Bruxelles2.

 Refugee and Schengen crisis EC conference in Brussels

Nationalism is being revived in some of the European Union’s countries; the multi-national political entity is undergoing a national identity crisis, Nicolas Gros-Verheyde, chief editor of the opinion news website Bruxelles2, was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

“Right now, there is a crisis of Homo Europeus,” Nicolas Gros-Verheyde said of the residents of EU countries.

Also, the author points to the fact that some EU countries, including Hungary, Poland, Finland, Denmark, the UK and France, are witnessing a revival in nationalist sentiment, which is manifesting itself in two forms: populism and patriotism.

Additionally, Nicolas Gros-Verheyde mentioned a sort of “constitutional coup aimed at challenging the EU’s former achievements.”

According to him, the Europeans currently no longer show a desire to “live together”, and are instead indicating that it might be best to co-exist “side by side”.They place their stake on a market economy rather than solidarity, according to Gros-Verheyde.

The EU as a structure “seems to have lost [its] ideology, which has nothing to do with the projects of its founders, [who] aimed to create a progressive humanistic community,” Gros-Verheyde concluded.

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