Two German transgender women ‘are STONED in the street’ by a gang of three North African teenagers in Dortmund who said ‘such people’ should be killed

  • Three men of North African origin arrested for alleged assault on two women
  • Transgender victims said the men threw stones at them and attacked them
  • Attackers fled the scene when a police intervened near Dortmund station 
  • Dortmund police have confirmed three men are in custody and no one was seriously injured in the incident last Monday

Named only by their first names as Yasmine and Elisa, the two victims said that they were verbally abused and threatened with stones by the men near the city’s main train station last Monday.

The attackers allegedly said they were going to stone the two women before a police officer intervened.

Three men of North African origin are being sought in connection to the alleged assault of two transgender women in the German city of Dortmund

 Elisa, 37, and Jasmin, 50, said that the men spoke to them in Arabic and said they needed to stone ‘such people’, according to Breitbart.

‘Within seconds we were tossed around…and they took stones from a gravel bed on the corner and threw them at us,’ said one of the alleged victims.

 The two women said that their attackers tried to grab their hair and breasts during the confrontation.

One of the girls claimed that the men picked up a handful of gravel and tried to throw it directly at the two of them.

The suspects abandoned their attack on their victim and were arrested by a police officer.

One of the girls claimed that the men picked up a handful of gravel and tried to throw it directly at the two of them, near the central railway station

 Speaking on the German broadcast channel Sat 1, one of the victims spoke of their disgust of the nature of the attack.

‘This is barbaric what they have done, they were barbarians!’ said Jasmine.

Following a police investigation, it was revealed that two of the teenagers are known to police for past offences.

The three North Africans have been put into custody, according to a police statement.

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