Editorial – They are trying to silence theunituk.

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Yesterday, I received a notification from Youtube that one of our videos: ‘Euro Con 1’ had been suspended as a result of a copyright dispute of part of the content.

Upon investigation, I found that the alleged infringement was part of the video that showed Barroso’s ‘State of the Union’ speech in 2012 as broadcast by EU TV.

After a very convoluted passage around the Youtube website, I finally found the page upon which to register a dispute.  I did so on the grounds that not only was the clip of a public service broadcast, it was also permissible under ‘fair usage’ rules pertaining to copyright law as it did constitute the whole of the broadcast.

This morning, I received an email from Youtube that the suspension had now been lifted and the movie is back on our website in the ‘Video’ menu.  Please take the time to see the whole series of 3 videos if you have not already done so.  They are very informative.

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