“Safety Is Offensive” European Union Says They Won’t Look Into Muslim Attacks On Truck Drivers In Calais Because It’s “Discrimination” Against “Migrants

Calais is a literal warzone on European soil. As we have reported, the French camp located at the English Channel Tunnel crossing virtually runs by Shariah law, and even people who go in to help the Muslim “migrants” enter at their own peril, as they might be attacked or killed by its residents. Because Calais is so close to the English Channel, many trucks pass by it, and the Muslims have repeatedly attacked trucks and truck drivers to such a point that the British government has had to get involved because it has become a major safety issue. Drivers have been posting videos online of the mayhem these Muslim highway robbers are causing to document what is happening because they are in fear for their lives.

Such as of this truck robbery:

Or this video that went viral of a Hungarian trucker speaking his mind while passing through Calais:

Apparently, however, this situation is of no concern to the European Union, who called inquiries into the Muslim attacks on the truckers as a form of “racism” and “discrimination” that might be considered “offensive,” as if appeasing Muslim invaders is more important than basic public safety and order. From the UK Express:

UKIP have reacted with fury after they were told they could be refused permission to grill senior eurocrats over the safety of British truck drivers in Calais – after Brussels ruled their question ‘offensive’ to migrants. 

The anti-EU party’s defence spokesman Mike Hookem submitted a written question to top Brussels chief Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Commission over the ongoing crisis in the northern French town.

Brussels bureaucrats dismissed the UKIP MEP’s question, in part, on the grounds it could be “considered as offensive for a specific group”.

Mr Hookem, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, blasted the Commission for “trying to shut down debate” over EU legislation amid the ongoing Europe-wide refugee crisis.

He said: “I submitted that question after meeting constituents, who told me of the levels of violence which have been escalating, including a driver’s brush with death after a missile was hurled through his windscreen.

“As an elected Member of the European Parliament I think I should have the ability to ask a question about an ongoing crisis brought about by EU laws without the PC brigade trying to shut down debate.”

He added: “It is not for unelected eurocrats to decide what is and isn’t allowed to be debated when it comes to the truth.

Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, who is head of the commission that called the inquiry “offensive,” is also the same European politician who famously praised lying when “it becomes serious”:


‘When it becomes serious, you have to lie’

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