“BREXIT” is VITAL to our Country and it`s people.

A remainder of why BREXIT is so vital to our Country and its people.


How to strip a nation of its sovereignty.

Imagine you wake up one morning, switch on the television and discover that a high street bank here in Britain has gone under.
It’s a shock.
And what really sends a shiver down your spine is the fact that it’s the bank where you keep your savings.
But once the initial surprise wears off, you calm down and remind yourself that you should be fine. You have £70,000 in savings on deposit. You’re covered by the government’s deposit guarantee scheme. But that hasn’t stopped thousands of people queuing outside branches, desperately trying to get their money back.
Flicking through the TV news coverage, you see that the government is in discussions with the banks about a bail out to steady the system.
Then the coverage shifts.
EU representatives from Brussels and Frankfurt arrive to take part in the negotiations.
There are rumours of disagreements between the UK government and the EU.
David Cameron is asked to leave the negotiations. The EU representatives take charge, dealing with the banks directly. Our Prime Minister is kept away, on a different floor of 10 Downing Street.
Late at night, an EU spokesman announces that an agreement has been reached.
There will be no bailout.
There will be a bail IN.
Depositors will have to pay a one-off tax to recapitalise the banks, at the demand of the EU.
This sounds like a nightmare.
It’s not.
It’s a true story. It happened in 2013.
The only thing that has been changed is the name of the country. It didn’t happen in Britain. It happened in Cyprus.
As the Cypriot banking system imploded, a European delegation arrived and imposed a bail in on depositors.
Just after 5 p.m., finance ministers, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, ECB executive board member Jorg Asmussen and the EU’s economic-affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, filed into a meeting room on the fifth floor of the Justus Lipsius, which houses the EU’s ministerial meetings and summits.
Cyprus’s newly elected President Nicos Anastasiades stayed behind in the country’s delegation on the seventh floor.
Cyprus was weak.
And the European Union pounced… extending it’s power and control over the nation and asserting it’s supremacy over the country’s democratically elected leader.
Just imagine how that must have felt…
It’s one thing to be bullied by your own government – but at least they were elected. You can change and influence what happens with your vote (at least in theory).
But to be humiliated by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who lock your own Prime Minister out of the room?
That’s tough to stomach.
Of course, it’s easy at this point to think: “But that’s Cyprus. We’re not Cyprus.”
And that’s true.
But sooner or later, Brtiain will find itself in a position of weakness. And the EU will pounce.
Just imagine how it must have felt to be a Greek citizen, when the European Union demanded that Greece “amend legislation that has been passed” in the past six months.

But the idea that an unelected organisation can reach into the heart of a sovereign state’s inner workings and DEMAND that the laws of the land change is unbelievable.
But again, Greece was suffering. It was weak.
And it’s moments like that when an organisation like the EU – which no one asked for but must grow ever larger and more powerful – pounces.

And the worst part?

Stripping nations of their freedom and centralising power was the plan all along. Who now wants to Vote for even more integration and a Federal State? Well, no one on this site, that`s for sure.


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