Editorial – I have thought long and hard whether to publish a Pat Condell video on this site, but I believe that this one is necessary.

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Many of our members in our Google+ Community are from minority ethnic groups and we welcome their inclusion in the Community because they too recognise that being in the European Union is totally detrimental to the British way of life.

Though many consider Pat Condell’s broadcasts as being very relevant to the way that they believe that Society is being led astray by politicians, many are also concerned with what appears to be a ‘hatred’ of Muslims in some of his broadcasts.  Personally, I believe that not to be so, but rather an attack on many politicians that appear to condone the way that some people in minority groups appear to be attempting to change the Law of the Land to comply with their personal and religious beliefs to the detriment of the Greater British Public especially with regard to attempting to impose Shariah Law with regard to the Muslim population but also the continuance of social practices that may be applicable in the ‘home’ countries of many other individual groups of migrants but are considered an anathema to British Law.

Article 2 of the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees reads as follows:-



Every refugee has duties to the country in which he finds himself, which require in particular that he

conform to its laws and regulations as well as to measures taken for the maintenance of public order.”

It is recognised by the indigenous British People that most migrant families to this Country comply fully with the Law and recognise it as paramount.  This applies equally not only to Muslims but to any migrant and non-indigenous group.

However, the inclusion of this video highlights a grave risk to the whole population of Britain which is becoming apparent in much of Europe due to the disastrous policies of the European Union that has allowed the humanitarian immigration of not only refugees from war-torn parts of the Middle East but also to a far larger group of economic migrants from much of Africa and many other countries.  Even the EU has finally admitted that more than 60% are economic migrants or from countries recognised as not being in conflict (though, if they admit that number, it is likely to be a far higher percentage).

Of all the ‘crimes’ so far perpetrated by the EU on the Peoples of Europe, this one has the potential to tear countries apart and bring them to the same state as conflicting third world States.  Introducing very large numbers of young men from totally disparate cultures is already resulting in severe discord in European Countries that have allowed them in.  You have all read of the violence in not only several cities in Germany over the New Year, but also for some years in countries, such as Sweden, which had the reputation of being a peaceful and civilised country but is now considered the ‘rape capital’ of Europe.  By far, these crimes have been committed by African and Middle Eastern migrants who appear determined to carry on the misogynistic practices of their home countries.  This, in turn, has led to several attacks on ethnic establishments such as mosques on innocent people by some groups of ‘vigilantes’  angry at the apparent disinterest of Government.

This website does not consider itself either left wing or right wing and certainly not racist.  In fact, we endeavour to remain as neutral as possible when reporting the misdeeds of the EU.  We certainly do not condone some of the more inflammatory rhetoric used by Mr. Condell (and also applies to any comments on this article that breach our rules of submission). however, Mr. Condell is rather succinct in his interpretation of the problem (language aside) that will eventually overtake us all if we should continue in the EU and allow this blight to come to our shores.

I hope that you all will accept the submission of this video in the spirit that it is intended and that is to try and prevent our own country from being drawn into the mess created by the EU Oligarchs who, in all honesty, care not for the ordinary person in the street who will be subjected to the ills of their total folly.

 Peter Brown


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