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Now top thinktank warns EU has HELD BRITAIN BACK – and membership doesn’t help us at all

A TOP thinktank has warned that Britain’s membership of the EU is “not far short of a disaster” and that the Union has no benefits.

A top thinktank has slammed the benefits on trading for British businesses

Civitas researchers found that the UK had recorded slower export growth than any of the other founding nations of Europe’s single market.

Academic Michael Burrage, who wrote the report, lambasted the findings and stated the single market is “not far short of a disaster” for UK trade.

UK export growth in the single market had slumped by 22 per cent to what it would have been had it continued its rate in the common market, the report said.

Vote LeaveReuters

Vote Leave claim trading in the EU is ‘not far short of a disaster’

Mr Burrage also claimed there is “no discernible benefit” in the single market system.

He said: “There has been no discernible benefit for UK exports to fellow members from the single market programme.”

Vote Leave chief executive Matthew Elliott said: “The unquestioning mantra that the single market has been good for British trade is wrong and should be challenged as this research makes crystal clear.”

The paper appears to sink claims due to be made today by Lord Rose, the leader of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, that an exit could be an economic disaster for the UK.

Lord RoseGETTY

Lord Rose believes leaving the EU would not benefit the UK

The former Marks and Spencer boss believes the EU is worth £670,000 in extra trade for each business trading in the EU.

Lord Rose, chair of Britain Stronger In Europe, will say the “EU effect” was worth around £133bn to UK companies in 2014.

He added: ”Those who want Britain to leave Europe cannot guarantee that Britain will retain full access to Europe’s single market. They are putting the benefits at risk.

“Their proposed deal, whereby Britain would somehow retain access to the single market without obeying any of the rules, is a fantasy.”

Prime Minister David Cameron will head to Brussels next month to try to finalise renegotiations on Britain’s relationship with the EU before putting the deal to the country in a referendum by the end of 2017 at the latest.

Cameron is facing a major revolt on the EU with 40 Tory MPs demanding an urgent meeting over his failure to restore Britain’s sovereignty.

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