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EU FARCE: Abu Hamza’s criminal daughter-in-law who is ‘severe UK threat’ CAN’T be deported

ABU Hamza’s criminal daughter-in-law has beaten attempts to kick her out of the country – thanks to meddling Euro judges, an MP revealed yesterday.

Abu Hamza and his familyNC
The UK has failed to deport firebrand cleric Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law after her release from jail

Even though the woman is seen as a “severe threat” to UK security she need not be sent packing “simply” because she committed a crime, the European Court of Justice said.

The Moroccan-born criminal was jailed for a year in 2012 after trying to smuggle a telephone Sim card to her terrorist father-in-law while he was in jail.

Fire-brand cleric Hamza is now serving life in a US prison for terrorism offences.

His daughter-in-law’s identity had been protected by a court order while she battled to beat deportation after serving her sentence.

A series of appeals forced immigration judges in the UK to ask the ECJ for a ruling.

During proceedings she was known as “CS”.

Home Secretary Theresa May had said that “CS” was “an obvious threat to the preservation of that member state’s social cohesion and of the values of its society”.

Abu Hamza and his familyIG

Abu Hamza is now serving life in a US prison for terrorism offences

Now enraged MP Philip Davies has used parliamentary privilege to reveal that the woman at the heart of the controversial case was once married to one of the hate preacher’s sons.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the Tory MP said the country faced a “terrible security risk… from a European Court of Justice decision to stop the UK from kicking out of this country a Moroccan national who the Home Office believes is a severe threat to national security.

“It now appears that the person concerned is Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law. Whoever it is, this is a very serious matter.”

He demanded to know what the Home Office is intending to do.

Theresa MayGETTY

Home secretary Theresa May had said that ‘CS’ was ‘an obvious threat’

The furious MP’s breach of a court order banning anyone from revealing the woman’s identity in public would normally have left him open to prosecution.

But because he did this inside the House of Commons, he is protected.

He took the unusual step of bringing her into the public eye after the ECJ issued a preliminary opinion saying she should be allowed to stay because her four-year-old daughter was born here.

Ahead of its full judgment, the court said on Thursday that foreign offenders whose children have British nationality cannot be expelled “simply” because they have committed a crime.

Abu HamzaGETTY

The identity of Hamza’s daughter-in-law had been protected by a court order

Each case must be weighed up to see whether the criminal presents a “genuine, present and sufficiently serious” threat to society, it said.

That includes judging their health, economic circumstances and likelihood of reoffending.

The ruling would open the door to potentially hundreds of low-level foreign criminals claiming the right to stay in Britain.

The unwelcome interference from the EU’s highest court threatens to shatter Britain’s border controls that allow the deportation of foreign offenders.

And the case intensifies pressure on David Cameron, whose European Union renegotiations have not yet touched on the powers of the ECJ over British law.

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