EU Referendum

PM’s pathetic EU non-deal has disgusted UK – we’re up against a new Reich.

FOR the first time I have started to believe that Britain might vote to leave the EU.

David Cameron’s Eu reforms have been met with criticism

Fear of the unknown always seemed to be against the Leave campaign but David Cameron’s pathetic non-deal has disgusted the nation. Even if the largely unimportant changes agreed in Brussels are accepted by the rest of the EU – doubtful – they could be revoked later and everyone knows it.

But what will happen if we do vote to quit? Not a lot, I suspect. Led by our limp-wristed Prime Minister, the establishment is so pro-EU that it will find a million ways not to implement a No decision. It will be decades before the knot is severed, more likely never


Some fear the new proposals will be block by other EU members

Similar obstructions will also be placed in the way of any attempt to divorce us from the European Convention on Human Rights and the politically biased rulings of the Strasbourg court.

We will be told over and over that it just can’t be done. Despite the shambolic state of the Out campaign a majority of the British people clearly detests the EU enough to risk going it alone but we are up against a new Reich, undemocratic, corrupt and controlling, which regards public opinion with contempt.

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