Editorial – Let us hope that Cameron resigns or is displaced when we vote to leave the EU


Cameron has shewn himself to be completely in the pockets of the EU.  He simply cannot be trusted by the United Kingdom to be involved himself or appoint Foreign Office apparatchiks to conduct negotiations following secession with the EU

Hopefully, there will be a Conservative Leadership contest very soon that will NOT include Osborne, May or any of the other turncoats that originally professed to wanting to leave Europe but have succumbed to threats or have been promoted by Cameron as a bribe.  We all know who they are and hopefully, they will all get their ‘come-uppance’ at the next General Election or, preferably, sooner.

With more than half of the Parliamentary Conservative Party supposedly Eurosceptic, there are a strong contingent of suitable candidates for the job such as Jacob Rees-Mogg who is highly respected in the House, or perhaps David Davis who stood against Cameron in the last Leadership Election followed by others such as John Redwood, John Baron and many others who have stayed loyal to their convictions.

Britain must not squander its one hope of regaining our National Sovereignty and with it, regain our true place in the World rather than be subjugated to the increasingly, inept, corrupt and moribund European Union.

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john_redwooddownload (2)

(Clockwise from top left) Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis, John Baron and John Redwood


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