Editorial – Stitch up – Why Britain must NOT go the ‘Article 50’ Route in the event of ‘Brexit’.

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David Cameron is meeting tomorrow with the three ‘Sherpas’ for the EU negotiating team in the event of a ‘Brexit’.   They are Guy Verhofstadt, Roberto Gualtieri and Elmar Brok.

All three are members of the Arch-Federalist Spinelli group in the EU Parliament who have recently published their proposal for an amalgamation of all existing treaties into a single document called ‘A Fundamental Law’ (download the pdf file from the website).  The document is currently being considered by the EU Treaty Change Committee and makes for some very disturbing reading.  Here are just a few examples:

  • ‘Ever Closer Union’ re-emerges. It  is likely that there will be no need for signatories for a new Treaty because, this proposed treaty does away with the list of signatories at the Lisbon Treaty as it will be at the Will of the ‘People.  It is likely that if this proposal is accepted, a federal state will be brought into being by the ‘Passerelle’ clause under QMV.
  • Removal of opt-outs from Justice and Home Affairs. This could, in theory, prevent any member state from leaving once it is enacted.   This also could be used to force the EU legal system of ‘Corpus Juris’ onto countries with their own legal system which they have used for Centuries.
  • The EU Commission will become the ‘Government’ of a Federalised Europe.
  • The Commission will be reduced in size and appointed by the President.
  • The 6 month rotating Presidency of will be abolished and replaced with an ‘elected’ chair with a 2.5 year tenure.
  • Any EU Citizen will be allowed to vote in the General Elections and stand for Parliament in whichever Member State he is living in.
  • Nation Parliaments will become ‘European Parliaments’ which will relegate them to a similar status to our own devolved Parliaments in Cardiff, Holyrood and Stormont.
  • Reform the electoral law of the Parliament to include a pan-European constituency electing MEPs from transnational party lists. An arithmetical formula for the apportionment of the rest of the seats is foreseen. This proposes that there be two types of MEP.  National MEPs will be allocated seats according to the number of votes cast.  So, a low turnout will result in less representation.

These few examples are by no means all of the important ones that are among many in the 309 pages of document.  It is these same ‘Sherpas’ that were instrumental in drawing up the ‘Fundamental Law’.  Does anybody seriously think that they will be sympathetic to Britain should we leave and very likely cause a diminution or even the break up of the EU?

Clause 4 of Article 50 says that the representatives of the Country leaving the EU will not be allowed to attend the deliberations   With the above mentioned members of the Spinelli Group deciding what they are going to offer us by way of an Agreement does bode at all well.  It is unlikely that a reasonable settlement will be arrived at by the end of the period which will mean that Britain will have to stay longer under the thrall of the EU only to find that we have wasted those two years.

Contrary to popular opinion, Britain has NOT lost its sovereignty.  Britain’s sovereignty has been ceded to the EU but we can claim it back any time that we choose.

Britain, in the event of a ‘Brexit’ must not play the games that the EU wants us to play especially when the negotiations are ‘stacked’ against us.  We must instead repeal the The European Communities Act: 1972 which will return power to the United Kingdom straight away.  There are many doomsayers in this Country, and even in the ‘Leave’ groups who say it cannot be done because EU Law is far too intertwined with British Law and would take years to unravel.   However, on secession, all the British Parliament has to do is simultaneously pass a Statutory Instrument that accepts EU Law onto the British Statute Books which can then be repealed one at a time as necessary.

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