Editorial – A petition to prevent David Cameron being involved in any of the negotiations with the EU in the event of a ‘Brexit’

314293A800000578-3448705-image-a-1_1455612079579.jpgDavid Cameron has shewn himself to be a completely committed champion of keeping the United Kingdom within the European Union and has tried every trick and subterfuge possible in order to bring that about.

He promised the British People that he would obtain fundamental change in the way that the EU operated but it soon became clear to him, though most of the Public knew all along, that he was not going to get any kind of fundamental change.  He chose, instead to ask for some piffling changes that would make no difference to the status quo in any way yet could not manage to get even those accepted.

Cameron has tried to remove perdue that prevented Civil Servants from applying negative (from the point of view of those wishing to leave) statements or actions for the 28 days prior to the referendum but was prevented from doing so by Parliament.  He has banned Eurosceptic Cabinet Ministers from speaking out before he announces the result of his ‘negotiations’ with the EU whilst all the time continuing to promote the EU with fatuous comments including that Britain’s, and indeed, the World’s security depends on Britain staying in the EU.  We have seen nothing of his statement that he will campaign to leave the EU if he cannot get the concessions that he required yet, he insists that the laughable points that he has put to the EU will be enough to convince the British People to stay in the EU and has officiated over the most negative campaign to stay in.  He is now embarking on the most risible tactic of all to invite President Obama to Britain in a further attempt to convince us to stay in the EU.

Cameron has shewn himself to be an incorrigible Europhile and should the People vote to leave the EU, he cannot be trusted to work for the best interests and wishes of the British People.

Because of this, I have started a petition on the Government website to prevent Cameron from either participating in any negotiations with the EU on the future status of Britain in connection with trade with the European Union and neither should he be allowed to appoint others to do so.  Such decisions should be taken by a caucus of MPs who have consistently shewn themselves to be on the side of Leaving.  It is the only way that we can ensure that Cameron does nothing more to weaken a successful resolution to withdraw from the EU.

I ask you all to make your best endeavours to sign the petition yourselves and encourage others to do so.  The Petition can be found by following this link:

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