Open Letter to all Facebook and Twitter users who want their Country back.


UPDATE:  There is an ePetition on the Government website calling for Cameron to be precluded from having anything to do with the post Brexit negotiations.  Please sign it:

The UnitUK website ( has been around for going on 6 years.  It was originally started by Trevor Colman MEP who, although elected on the UKIP Banner, chose to be an ‘unaffiliated’ Member of the European Parliament because he saw his role as educating the people of this Country into just how insidious the EU was becoming.  Before his retirement at the last European Elections, Trevor visited various interested groups, schools and Universities giving his presentations.  Trevor also funded with three full time staff;  Rick Timmis, Andrew Fear and Sue Doidge.  After Trevor retired, the funding left also.   As a regular contributor to the site, I thought it would be a waste to just let the site die and Rick Timmis and I decided to keep it going on a shoestring budget mainly paid for by ourselves and a few generous people who made a small, regular monthly Paypal donation and several one off donations as well.

This arrangement worked very well for some time up towards the end of last year when Rick decided that due to Family and work commitments, he would be unable to carry on.  It was also at this time that our webhosting agreement came to an end and also, most unfortunately, I lost all access to the site coding and so the site went offline for some months.  I was faced with the stark truth that if I wished to carry on with what I believe to be a very worthwhile enterprise, I was going to have to teach myself how to build up a new website from scratch.  After several abortive attempts, I finally came up with a website which I believe to be fairly attractive and informative.  I hope you all agree. had several hundred followers of which we lost many due to the time that the site was offline which now brings me to the reason for this open letter:  Could I ask as many of you as possible to sign up for the free email service that will notify whenever a new article is published and if you are feeling really generous, could you send me a twitter or facebook message (@PaderBrown and Peter Brownp respectively) giving me numbers of followers and friends that you circulate our articles to.  I, of course, get the stats for visits to the website but if possible, I would like to get some idea of how many of the articles get distributed on social media as well.  I thank you in anticipation of your help

There are millions of people in Britain that feel as passionately as we do about getting our Country back from the totally inept and corrupt EU.  Many of those same people write regularly in the Social Media such Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word there.  Our site, and several others, on the other hand tend to concentrate on putting out the full articles that we come across in various publications around the World on the subject;  articles that many would have missed.  Whatever the medium we use, it all adds greatly to the momentum needed to get Britain out of the EU.  The bottom line is that we all need to go flat out until June 23rd in order to let the People of the Country know just what is going on.  For sure, the Government do not want to have us informed and I am not even convinced that many on the ‘Leave’ side are aware that this referendum is going to be won or lost in letting the many millions of ordinary People in Britain actually know what is going on. has not only been publishing topical articles, we have also amassed quite a considerable amount of information from other sources including the EU itself, recognised and trusted Think Tanks and we also have a ‘Guest Blog’ section that was recently started in which many of the ‘Blogs’ of other like-minded people are listed.  I have also published an ebook; ‘Democracy in a Federalized Europe’ which is a compilation of information taken from official EU documents, Trusted Think Tanks and other relevant sources and shows some of the more insidious things that have come out of the EU:  Things that the EU would rather you did not know about.  It was first published around the end of 2013 and has been continually updated on an ad hoc basis since.  The latest iteration dated 29th February 2016 is available now.

The ebook is available for free from the downloads section of the website and comes in two versions:  PDF which may be read on any operating system and there is also an executable for a flipbook animated version that can, unfortunately, only be used in a Windows environment

Keep up the good fight people.  Let us all do our best to get our Country and our Birthright back.

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