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EU to STEAL our coastline: Brussels to bring in new super-coastguard to overrule UK

THE EU has drawn up plans to seize control of the British coastguard service as it creates a Europe-wide border force.

The EU has drawn up plans to seize control of the British coastguard service  GETTY

Critics say it would result in the biggest transfer of sovereignty since the creation of the euro.

The extraordinary measure moved a step closer last week as the European Commission announced plans to accelerate the plan’s introduction to help deal with the migrant crisis.

The move would see the EU take control of the British coastguard, including policing migration on the seas, and is being pushed through to tighten the Continent’s external borders before the expected summer upsurge in migrants.

It has already won the backing of the European Council and the EU commissioner for migration said it should be adopted by all member states “without delay”.

Last night the Government said it was fighting the plan, insisting: “We will not be part of an EU border and coastguard.”

EU would take control of the British coastguard and policing migration on the seas      GETTY

We will not be part of an EU border and coastguard

UK Government

However, even with the British objections, the EU proposal would allow the 1,000-strong agency to prowl Britain’s coastline and “intervene directly” if it felt that its borders were under threat.

The EU could also deploy the service, which is expected to have a budget of £250million by 2020, in the event of emergencies “even without the approval of the country concerned”.

The ease with which migrants can get into Europe has been a major concern as increasing numbers flee conflicts in the Middle East.

More than 2,000 mainly Islamic migrants are flowing from Turkey into Greece every day.

EU flags

Britain is not part of the Schengen area       GETTY

Speaking on Friday, Dimitris Avramopoulos, commissioner in charge of migration, appealed for member states to back the reforms, which have already won the backing of the European Council.

He said: “We must remedy the serious deficiencies at our external borders – as indeed an internal area without border controls is only possible if we have a strong protection of our external borders.

“For this, the Commission’s proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard… needs to be adopted by member states without delay so that it can start functioning during the summer.”

The migration crisis and partial collapse of the Schengen free movement area has increased the pressure on the European Commission to act.

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