What IS happening in UKIP? – by Peter Brown.

UPDATED 08/03/2016 – 0845

What IS happening in UKIP?  Why is it in this most critical of times for British democracy does UKIP appear to be not taking the referendum completely seriously?


This last weekend, Clive Taylor-Sholl and I attended the UKIP Gala Dinner followed by the South West Conference in Thornbury, Gloucestershire in order to meet some of the UKIP Hierarchy and to ask one or two questions about how the UKIP campaign is progressing.

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Steve Crowther – UKIP Party Chair.

Although still nominally a UKIP Member, I have for the past two or three years been somewhat in contention with Steve Crowther, the UKIP Chairman.  Although Steve Crowther readily admits that the contents of my eBook; ‘Democracy in a Federalised Europe’ (free download from the website) are accurate, he steadfastly refuses to allow UKIP to inform the Electorate of what is actually happening in the EU on the grounds that he believes that to campaign on this information will ‘put people off’ (I have the emails to corroborate it).  I, of course, disagree strongly with this attitude. The British People are made from much sterner stuff than to be put off by facts.  The Electorate are not children that must be fed only the facts that are deemed good for them.  They must be told the whole ‘warts and all’ story in order for them to make an informed decision at the referendum.

This website has dedicated itself to not only reporting on what is happening with the EU from day to day, but to try and educate the Electorate into the intentions of the EU Apparatus in the future.  The contents of the website are not fantasy.  The EU does nothing and repeals nothing once it has gained a power and it has, for decades, been consolidating these powers with the sole intention of making the whole of Europe into a single State with an unelected Oligarchy controlled by Multi-National Corporations.  What other major despotisms have done by force of arms, the EU is trying to do the same but by using subterfuge and more importantly, the complacency of the European Electorate.

There is absolutely no doubt that had it not been for UKIP, and in particular, Nigel Farage, we would not be in the position of the impending referendum.  UKIP has been vilified and slandered by a frightened ‘Establishment’ for years.  The Establishment realised that UKIP represented the greatest threat to their cosy little arrangements where they had the upper hand in how we all ran our lives.  UKIP were a political Party trying to win elections and so there is some degree of mitigation in not telling the whole truth about the EU because they were already being bombarded from all directions and it may have been ‘politic’ not to make too many waves.  However, the referendum is a totally different ball-game concerned, literally, with the survival of Britain as an entity in its own right and it demands that right minded politicians forget Party politics and put their entire effort into extricating us from the EU.  In the words of Nigel Farage of late: ‘Do we have the balls to put our Country before Party?’.  Now is the time for the UKIP Hierarchy to have the balls  and tell the People what they are entitled to know.

Many of you may know that theunituk website was inaugurated by Trevor Colman MEP who retired at the last European Elections.  Trevor, though elected under the UKIP Banner, chose to remain ‘unaffiliated’ to any of the groups in the European Parliament and chose instead to travel around the West Country and visiting various groups and educational establishments in order to educate people in just how dangerous to democracy was the EU.  As well as his lecture tour, Trevor made a number of videos through the website including the ‘Euro-Con’ series which are available to watch in the ‘Video’ section of the website.

Over the past two or three years when talking to various UKIP hierarchy and MEPs, I have always announced myself as working with theunituk and Trevor Colman.  Call me paranoid if you will, but with many of them, I was often left with the feeling that Trevor was considered persona-non-grata to a degree.  Was it because he was considered somewhat of a ‘loose cannon’ by the UKIP Hierarchy because he chose to do his ‘own thing’ rather than follow the general Party line?

Whatever, I still choose to introduce myself in my role as working with  At various UKIP functions in the past two or three years, I have found that when talking privately to prominent UKIP Officials, many of them agreed that it would be much more effective to tell the People what is actually happening in Europe.  Unfortunately, the policy of the Party is very much controlled by a select group in the Senior Management that have decided, for whatever reason, not to campaign on such matters.  Whenever I have spoken individually with MEPs, in each case, whenever I have explained that the EU has, in effect, reintroduced Capital Punishment, they all without exception, appeared very surprised and promise to look into the matter and come back to me.  Not a single one did come back to me though on subsequent meetings, appeared to be quite shame faced or non-committal when they saw me.

However, at the Gala Dinner last night, it became apparent, finally, that some change might be occurring in the ‘ranks’.   After the Dinner, some of the more senior people made their speeches. In particular, Tony McIntyre, the South West Regional Chair, warned us all that should we remain in the EU,  Several hundred years of British ‘Freedoms’ would be overruled and with it the right of ‘Habeus Corpus’ and the freedom from ‘Double Jeopardy’ would be lost to the proposed EU legal system of ‘Corpus Juris’.  Even before ‘Magna Carta’ in the 13th Century, King Alfred the Great in the 11th Century had already started to alter the English legal system into what would eventually become ‘English Common Law’.

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Tony McIntyre, UKIP South West Regional Chairman.

English Common Law is the basis for the Jurisprudence in most of the English speaking countries of the World and with it comes the rights of the INDIVIDUAL to enjoy certain safeguards.  In particular; Habeus Corpus (Latin for ‘show me the body’) which ensures that the Accused has the right to face his Accusers within hours and must be advised of the charge and the evidence against him.  The second great freedom is the right to be free from ‘Double Jeopardy’ in which no individual can be tried twice for the same crime.  In the proposed EU legal system; Corpus Juris (the body of the Law) neither of these rights exist.  Instead of the rights of the individual being paramount, under the EU Law, THE STATE is paramount.  In most European Jurisdictions, an individuals can be and often are incarcerated without charge for several months even when there is only a suspicion and the ‘crime’ is being investigated.  There is no right of a trial by a Jury of the Accused’s Peers;  instead, it is by a panel of Judges who will also work with the State Prosecutor and is even present at the Jury’s deliberations.  Under Corpus Juris, the Prosecution has the right to appeal against an acquittal and it has been known for this to occur without the Defendant even knowing until they are re-arrested without warning.  As to the infamous European Arrest Warrant, all that is needed to drag someone from the beds and carted off to a foreign country where they can be thrown in Jail without charge and all that is needed for this to happen is that the necessary paperwork is filled in correctly and there is nothing that the British Courts can do to prevent it.

After the speech, I spoke to Tony and congratulated him on his speech and commented  that it appears that UKIP is finally coming around to telling people the truth.  He agreed but indicated that the old philosophy of silence was still very much alive.  Though other conversations with several others gave me the impression that many in the ‘Middle Management’ think it is time to come clean, the Senior Management were very much against it.  This was borne out when I spoke to several of the latter.

Nigel Farage – File Picture.

At the Conference on Saturday morning.  I wanted to know what the Members of the EU Parliament knew about the Spinelli Group’s ‘Fundamental Law’ proposal for combining all of the existing Treaties (See; ‘democracy in a Federalised Europe’ eBook and the document itself; ‘A fundamentallaw.pdf – both available for download on the website).  In particular, I asked of 3 MEPs what was their take on the Spinelli document in the EU Parliament.  The first was William (the Earl of) Dartmouth MEP:  His reply;  “I don’t deal with that aspect”.  The second:  Paul Nuttall (UKIP Deputy Leader); “I have read some of it, but don’t know that much about it” and the third; Nigel Farage (UKIP Leader) with the reply “Not a lot” and then he walked on.

It seems inconceivable that some of the most prominent MEPs in the UKIP contingent of the European Parliament  claim to know very little about what has the potential to be the most far-reaching development towards a Federal Europe if it should  be adopted.  This document describes in detail that National Parliaments will be devolved into ‘European Parliaments’; the unelected Commission will become the ‘Government’; the 6 month rotation of National Presidents will be abolished and replaced by a locally elected Chair for a 2.5 year tenure and that all EU Citizens can vote


Nigel Farage speaking at the UKIP Southwest Regional Conference on Saturday.

in General Elections in whichever Country they live in and stand for Parliament.  These, and many other schemes are written within the proposal and may be adopted even without the approval of Nation States by QMV.  Even if it is not adopted, it is being scrutinised by the EU Treaty Change Committee even now.  I would have thought that if they can be believed, that UKIP would at the very least make themselves aware of what is going on in Brussels on such a momentously important matter.

Some may have noticed that Nigel Farage in television interviews would frequently espouse that there is likely to be civil unrest over much of Europe due to policies of the EU.  He no longer does that and has not for around 2 years.  Why? Have things suddenly improved in Europe?

Earlier, I mentioned that the EU does in fact allow Capital Punishment within the jurisprudence of Member States.  This is the result of amendments made to Article 2 of the Charter for Fundamental Rights that were made in April, 2010 just 4 months after the Lisbon Treaty came into effect.  These same amendments gave legal immunity to the ‘Authorities’ to use lethal force to put down riot/insurrection or to prevent escaping from/resisting arrest.  The amendments were surreptitiously passed through the EU Parliament for ratification by hiding the wording as a footnote to another footnote.  MEPs never even saw what they were passing.  But that was 6 years ago and since then, the EU has published the amendments in a public document (convention_eng.pdf – available for download).  Has anyone heard of a UKIP MEP even mentioning it?

download (5)To enforce these amendments; on the same day that ‘Lisbon’ was signed another treaty was also being signed in Velsen, Holland.  This treaty allowed for the setting up of the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) which currently consists of over 3000 para-military Police who are equipped with full military equipment including tanks and military helicopters and whose sole training regime is the putting down and control of insurrection.  Their numbers are drawn from Member states including ‘Candidate’ States and can be deployed in any Member State under the exclusive control of the EU Commission and cannot be removed from the ‘Host’ State, not even by an Act of Parliament.  Has anyone heard UKIP mention this?

When did UKIP last explain to the People that virtually every EU Institution and Treaty allow for the total legal immunity for anyone working in them, not just for the duration of their jobs but for life?  Even Heads of State do not get that kind of protection.  These same institutions also prevent any investigator from entering their premises, examining their files and documents or the seizure of any of their assets.  Many apparatchiks within these groups such as Europol, all carry Diplomatic Passports and cannot be prosecuted even outside of the EU.  Even the most reasonable person must ask themselves why those that would set themselves up in Government over us would need that kind of immunity.

These are just a few  of many examples of information that are public knowledge for those that choose to investigate for themselves.  There are many more mentioned in the eBook.  None of it is hearsay nor Conspiracy Theory, it is actually European Law NOW but the Senior Management of UKIP not only fail to inform the People of what they should know, they actively refuse to.  Yet, it is critical that everybody in Britain should be aware of these things in order to make an informed decision upon whether we should secede from the EU or not.  So why is a Party that calls itself the UK Independence Party not taking advantage of every available piece of information that the Electorate should know about?


Though I am no longer actively engaged with UKIP, in 2013 and 2014 I helped out at a number of by-elections in the Labour Heartlands in the North of England.  Though much of the North is ferociously partisan on behalf of the Labour Party, in 9 consecutive by-elections UKIP went from a low, single figure vote in the 2010 General Election to achieving a vote in the low twenties per cent and coming a close second to Labour.  The reason for this is that in each area, the vote was extremely ‘tribal’ with Labour Supporters, there was a ground-swell of disquiet about the way the EU was going and with immigration.   I frequently found myself asked if UKIP were fielding Candidates in their area for the General Election.  This was borne out by the massive increase in the share of the vote for UKIP at each of those by-elections. My impression was that in ‘The Labour Heartlands’, though they are vehemently pro-Labour in politics, they are intensely patriotic when it comes to Great Britain. The same is true for many who live in rural areas too.  The problems for Britain start in the big cities where the emphasis is on the short term where complacency has set in.  Many do not seem to realise that this is not an intellectual argument concerning short term economics, it is nothing less than the survival of the British Nation as an entity.

It really does not matter whether the Politicians and Corporations come out in favour or not with Britain’s secession from the European  Union, they all have one thing in common with every Voter in Britain.  We each have a single vote and there are millions more of us.

Around a third of the Vote is already committed to leaving the EU.  A more or less similar number say that they are committed to vote for staying in the EU and a further third are either ‘undecided’ or cannot be bothered either way.  Most of those that do not wish (or don’t care) whether we should leave the EU are basing their stance on what the EU is at present.  Many think that the Status Quo is the safest option.

The biggest problem with that is:  the Status Quo will not remain the same should there be a majority who vote to stay or don’t bother voting at all.  The EU Referendum is literally a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to leave and if we all do not take this opportunity, the EU , Politicians and the Corporations will ensure that we do not have another chance to leave.  The EU does not do ‘U-turns’.  Once established, they refuse to give up any laws or edicts that they have imposed upon us.  What I have tried to outline in this article and many others will come to pass.  If David Cameron has done anything for the sovereignty of Britain, he has shown us all that the EU is prepared to lose Britain rather than give up a single gain that they have made.  Even the so-called ‘concessions’ are nothing but temporary measures designed solely to placate the wavering vote that in a short time  will revert to the norm.  None of these concessions are of the slightest value.

In fact, the situation for the People of Europe is likely to get very much worse if Britain should be so foolish as to vote to stay in.  Once the EU has neutered their biggest troublemaker; Britain, it will have free rein to do whatever it wants to make Europe a single Country controlled by unelected Oligarchs who are completely under the control of the Multi-National Corporations.  Due to the total ineptness of the EU Commission and the endemic corruption within the EU (they have not had their accounts ratified for 21 consecutive years), the EU is tottering on the edge of extinction.  If Britain should leave, that could very well sound the ‘Death Knell’ for the whole rotten edifice as there are already mutterings of other EU States considering leaving the EU as well.  Last week, a petition to the Austrian Parliament forced their Government to consider Austria’s own secession from the EU.  If, however, Britain should stay in the EU, it is likely to cement neatly over many of multitude of widening cracks and keep it going.

The EU may well collapse anyway if the current trends continue and when it does, it will cause considerable pain to the EU States, especially those in the Eurozone.   However, even those outside of the Euro will experience considerable hardship far worse than the 2008 crisis.  Britain must leave the EU before this happens.  It will not leave us unscathed but it will mitigate some of the damage.

Many of you may have already read the eBook that I have compiled.  I would recommend those that have not to download and read a copy.  It is all entirely factual as most of it is taken from official EU documents, respected Think Tanks and other recognised sources. Some of the things that I found out whilst researching it honestly frightened me in their implications.

It is this kind of information that the Electorate should be reading.  Many of those that do not want to leave or just do not care must be made aware of the more insidious things coming from the EU.  It just might frighten them enough at the prospect to change their attitude.

The only thing that will take the British out of the EU is to make them angry and frightened enough to know what the EU has in store for us.  The British People traditionally can be complacent when not faced with what appears an open threat to their way of life but also, traditionally, the British  People will not stand by and be bullied.

It is UKIP’s job to make people aware of these facts.  Should they do so, the millions of Patriotic People in the United Kingdom will, hopefully grow angry enough to reject the abomination that is the EU.

Whereas it is completely true that we would not be having the forthcoming referendum had it not been for UKIP, and in particular Nigel Farage, the result of the referendum is hanging on a ‘knife-edge’ with the Electorate roughly split into three groups; the ‘Stay’ Group (now, apparently dubbed, the ‘Remainians’); the ‘Leave’ Group and the ‘undecided’.  In the latter group is included those that have no interest in politics but upon whom the whole matter may be decided.  These people number in the millions and are crucial as to whether Britain stays in the European Union or not.  Yet, for some reason, some of the Senior Management (but by no means all) of UKIP seem to be actively working against our secession by refusing to give the People salient facts that are needed to make an informed decision.

But, the question still remains:  WHY IS THE UKIP HIERARCHY STILL REFUSING TO TELL THE PEOPLE THE TRUTH?  What is their true agenda?

Up until now, I have refrained from calling the UKIP management out publicly.  We NEED UKIP to carry on the fight as they have done in the past but this issue is too critical to allow individuals within the Party to lessen our chances by their own prejudices.  UKIP is our Party, not the UKIP Management’s personal fiefdom.  We all need to speak to our local representative to ask them to pressure the higher echelons to ask them why they are risking Britain’s future.  Some of will get through to Steve Crowther and he will get the message that we, the ordinary people of UKIP want him to fight with every weapon available to win the referendum and get us all out of the EU.

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