EU Referendum

Petition to prevent David Cameron from having any participation in, or appoint negotiators in post-Brexit negotiations.



                            as at 1225, 06/05/2016


                            as at 1030, 30/04/2016


It is coming along but we need to reach the 100,000 point long before the referendum.

This petition was started a couple of weeks ago and up until yesterday lunchtime (15/03/2018) had only achieved 308 signatures.  However, since then, people have been spreading the word and the number of signatures has truly taken off.  As at 0930, 16/03/2016, the number of signatures had rocketed to 4500; an increase of 14,600%.  The numbers continue to increase at the rate of one or two every few seconds and we are now more than half way to the figure of 10,000 when the Government has to respond to the Petition.  Then of course, we shall need a further 90,000, at which point, the issue is eligible to be debated in Parliament.

Please click on the link above and go to the Government Petition website and vote to keep Cameron or any of his appointees being involved in post-Brexit negotiations with the EU.  Cameron has shewn himself to be entirely untrustworthy towards the wishes of the British People by his lies and obfuscations to try to keep us in the EU at any cost.  We simply cannot trust him to do the right thing by Britain in these negotiations and the inference based on his current behaviour is that he will sell Britain down the river in order to keep us associated with the EU.

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