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Editorial – The only way that Britain is going to be safe from a possible shooting war with Russia is to leave the EU.

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Russian troops


The EU is playing a very dangerous game with Russia and Russia is fast losing patience.  This continued call for sanctions against Russia are hurting their economy to a point where they may be tempted to use force of arms.

Russian Battle Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy.

Both Ashton who started this whole mess by encouraging EU expansion up to Russia’s borders and Mogherini the current ‘High Representative. have in their naivety, the idea that EU Forces or even NATO can defend themselves against Russia if it chose to become belligerent.

The simple truth is THEY CANNOT. Russia has a standing army of 750,000 fully trained troops with modern equipment.  It also has 2.5 Million fully trained reservists and an annual birthrate that sees a further 1.5 million reaching conscription age.

The Russian Air Force has many more times the number of military aircraft than the whole of the EU combined as does their Navy with surface war ships.  Russia has recently announced also that they have brought their fleet of Battle Cruisers out of retirement and fully upgraded them to modern standards.

Recently, the Pentagon admitted that if Russia chose to invade the EU, they could do nothing about it.  Russia has complete land bridge access to the whole of Europe and the US would be unable to deliver sufficient troops and equipment in order to fight the Russians.

The only possible defence that the EU would have against Russia is to use nuclear weapons which would be a catastrophe for both sides.

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Russian Surface to Surface Missile volley

The whole notion that the EU has brought peace (let alone the Nobel Peace Prize) to Europe is laughable.  In their totally simplistic and inept outlook, they have brought the prospect of war closer than it has ever been since 1945.

If Britain is to prevent themselves from becoming embroiled in this conflict, we must first of all, get out of Dodge and leave the EU followed by, hopefully, the departure of Cameron and the other Europhiles in Government who do not seem to have the sense that they were born with.

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