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Syrian Kurds: Turkey Providing ‘Clear Transit Route’ for Sarin Gas Deliveries to ISIS

The Syrian Kurds’ conflict with the Turks seems to be escalating dramatically.

In an interview with RT, a spokesman for the Syria’s Kurdish YPG has accused the Turkish government of providing a ‘clear transit route’ for sarin gas deliveries to ISIS in Syria:

“Our sources inside the rebel groups have confirmed that toxic substances were used,”

“We also have verified information that sarin gas was delivered to them from Turkey,”

“All signs point to the fact that these factions were using banned weapons, but we cannot access the launching area, as it is located on the front between the Turkish and rebel forces,”

“This attack was a failure, but this doesn’t mean that there won’t be another one. We are convinced the enemy has improvised shells containing phosphorus and sarin gas.”

The shells were launched against a Kurdish controlled territory near Aleppo, emitting an ‘unnatural smell’ and ‘yellow smoke’ upon impact

Unlike Iraq, where chemical weapons were nowhere to be found, a vast array of real hard evidence is available that proves they have been used by terrorists in Syria.

Interestingly, the fact the West once supported these terrorists apparently excuses them from any ‘international condemnation’ that anyone else would receive, were they to use chemical weapons.

Furthermore, Turkey’s support for terrorism in Syria is also widely documented, so much so that it has even caused a massive 40% drop in the amount of tourists visiting the country this year.

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