EU Referendum

Leave campaign has the strongest arguments for Britain’s future


WE are now within 90 days of the referendum and according to the political betting markets, the Remain campaign is still more than 60 per cent likely to prevail.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt

GETTY   Health secretary Jeremy Hunt suggested the NHS could be in danger if we leave the EU

I must say it does not feel like that to me, but then again being the underdog is a great guard against complacency.From my point of view, there seems to be a rising tide of hysteria behind the claims of Cabinet ministers who back Remain.

Over the weekend the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had the audacity to claim that the NHS would be placed in danger if we left the EU.

Of course, the whole weight of argument suggests the opposite: we could invest in the NHS some of our £10bn windfall from no longer having to pay our net contribution if we left.

We could clamp down properly on health tourism if we left. And we could make sure there was no secretive TTIP deal to threaten the NHS if we left.

Now the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan seems to be saying that older generations have a duty to vote to Remain because that will be best for their children and grandchildren.What a nerve she has and what arrogance as well to assume that older voters are not guided by what they believe is in the best interests of their younger family members anyway.

Massive youth unemployment across Southern Europe and a housing affordability crisis in the UK do not exactly point to the EU being the friend of young people, do they?

I hope Ms Morgan’s posture gets the backlash it deserves from the nation’s parents and grandparents.

I think the Remainers are getting very rattled because they just can’t put their finger on a positive case for staying in the EU that resonates with voters.

George Osborne

GETTY   Chancellor George Osborne’s budget was an unmitigated disaster

It was they who made national security a key issue in the debate – and then they cried foul when Leavers pointed out the the holes in their argument in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks.And the Remain campaign’s plan to rely heavily on David Cameron and George Osborne is in trouble because their ratings are plummeting after Osborne’s disastrous Budget.

So what do they have left? Ultimately the only approach that seems to get any traction is their unsubstantiated and illogical claim that leaving will cost people their jobs and hit our trade. So that is what they will fall back on.

It is on this terrain that the Leave campaign must hone its arguments again and again.

We have by far the strongest arguments on everything from democracy, to cost, to immigration control and security and about the shape of things to come if we vote to stay within the clutches of Brussels.

But we simply must kill the erroneous idea that leaving the EU will hurt the UK economy when in fact a global economic future outside this declining political empire is up for grabs.


Binnenhof parliament building

GETTY   The Netherlands will hold an in/out referendum on the EU a week on Wednesday

DID you know there is an EU referendum in another European country that takes place before ours?If you are a keen follower of matters to do with Brussels then maybe you did.

But most of the electorate is so far unaware of the referendum in the Netherlands that takes place on Wednesday of next week.

The vote is on the association agreement that the EU has entered into with Ukraine, which is basically a stepping stone on the way to that country becoming a full-on EU member.

The Dutch political class was forced to concede the referendum after nearly half a million citizens signed a petition demanding it.

It is not completely binding though, so it is quite possible that the Dutch people will vote down the agreement, but that it will be ratified by the Dutch parliament anyway.The EU ignoring the democratic wishes of the people in a member country? Who would have thought it!

But a No vote will still be very helpful to the Leave cause in our referendum, even if it is ignored.

For it will show that a wave of scepticism about the imperial ambitions of Brussels is spreading across the continent and give the lie to the idea that Britons who wish to leave are in any way insular or out of step with the wider world.

And if the will of the people in the Netherlands is ignored afterwards then that will be another highly symbolic demonstration of the EU’s attitude towards democracy.

So let’s all be rooting for the Dutch people and their independence of spirit next week.


Boris Johnson

GETTY   Boris Johnson’s addition to the Brexit camp can only be a good thing

I AM not the biggest Boris Johnson fan in the world and have always wondered how big an asset he would be to the Leave cause.But the apparently orchestrated trashing of his reputation by Conservative supporters of the Remain cause tells us one thing: they are now very frightened indeed and getting desperate. So Bo Jo must be doing something right.

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