‘Democracy in a Fedaralised Europe’ eBook


Some of you may know that I had to rebuild
from scratch because I was left in the lurch by the guy that I was working with, and who did all of the IT stuff, just decided to leave and took all of the IT coding with him. I had to learn how to build and code the current website from scratch. I made some mistakes that I am working through correcting as I go.

The biggest complaint was that people could not access the eBook: ‘Democracy in a Federalised Europe’ in which I have highlighted much of the material that People need to make an informed decision in the referendum.

I am pleased to say that it has been reported that all of the links on the site to download the eBook now work from both the main menu and also from a ‘button’ on the left hand side admin panel.  It can also be reached from this URL:…/

Please download it and pass it on to all of your connections.

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