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We’ll have no voice if we stay in the EU says Grayling: Leader of the House of Commons says Britain will be isolated and subject to harmful meddling if it was to remain

  • EU political leaders are seeking to increase the level of political integration
  • Chris Grayling warns UK will be isolated by the ‘giant Eurozone federation’
  • Grayling said the Eurozone will seek to increase the ‘amount of Europe’ 
  • He said the new EU will not be a place for an independent and proud UK
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In a searing intervention, Chris Grayling says that being reduced to the role of bit-part player is ‘no place for a proud United Kingdom to be’.

His comments open up a crucial new front in the increasingly heated referendum debate.

Chris Grayling, pictured, warned Britain would be isolated if the country votes to remain within the EU 

Ex foreign secretary Lord Owen, pictured, warned Britain should leave the EU to save the NHS

Downing Street and the Remain campaign have focused on the dangers of Britain leaving the EU – dubbed Project Fear.

But, writing exclusively in today’s Mail, Commons Leader Mr Grayling says that if Britain votes to remain it will be signing up to stay inside an entirely different bloc to the one that exists today. He points to a series of proposals already drawn up by Eurocrats that would lead to ‘political union’ among the eurozone states.

Plans are also on the table for an EU army and border force and a European Pillar of Social Rights, which would give workers the same terms and conditions across the entire EU.

Mr Grayling, a leading figure in the Out campaign, says that once the reforms are complete the eurozone countries will be able to gang up on Britain.

‘The option of staying in the EU as it is today simply isn’t available to us,’ he writes. ‘The EU already dominates our way of life… And the seemingly constant refrain whenever a new problem arises is that it can only be solved by more Europe.

‘Over the next ten years we are going to hear that refrain more and more. They have no choice. More Europe is the only way for the euro to survive. But it’s no place for a proud, independent United Kingdom to be.’

Already, the EU has proposed a raft of changes that will give it greater powers. These include:

  • A huge expansion in the size of the European Court of Justice, whose General Court is growing from 12 to 28 members;
  • Establishing an EU Treasury and common bank deposit system;
  • Having a single EU spokesman on the International Monetary Fund – stripping the UK of its independent voice;
  • A European Pillar of Social Rights giving minimum rights on pay, health and safety, maternity and paternity pay and access to justice.

Eurosceptics point to the so-called Five Presidents Report, which was published by the European Commission last year. It proposes a full ‘political union’ of the euro countries. By voting as a bloc, they can push through legislation that suits their interests.

The document also proposes abolishing the UK’s representation on key international bodies where global regulations and standards are increasingly set.

The report says the EU must act ‘with one voice on the global stage’. The document complains that ‘in the international financial institutions, the EU and the euro area are still not represented as one’ – singling out the IMF as one example.

Boris Johnson forced to admit EU teabag regulations not true

Tonight, Mr Grayling will go head-to-head with Herman van Rompuy, a former president of the European Council, at a debate in London.

He will say: ‘The political union of 26 nations – excluding the UK and Denmark – will dominate the map. It will completely control all of the institutions of the EU.

‘It is hard to see how the EU institutions that we have today could credibly be used as the heart of a political union, and still be seen as impartial by non-participating states.’

In a separate speech, ex-Foreign Secretary Lord Owen will today warn that Britain must leave the EU in order to protect the NHS.

Britain will be swallowed up in a superstate, writes CHRIS GRAYLING, Tory Leader of the Commons

June 23rd is Referendum Day. Do we remain in the European Union, or do we leave? But which European Union are we talking about? The one that exists today, or the one that will exist in ten years’ time. The option of staying in the EU as it is today simply isn’t available to us. The reality of the choice that we face is very different.

It’s 17 years since the euro was created. Its architects saw it as the next big step on the road towards achieving their dream of a Federal Europe. And yet the flaws in their grand project brought the European economy to its knees. The crisis in the eurozone has led to youth unemployment as high as 50 per cent in some EU countries, to riots in the streets in Athens, and a wave of austerity across many parts of the EU that has prompted a revival of extremist political parties on the Left and the Right.

Chris Grayling warned the development of the Euro, file photograph, is a step on the road to a Federal Europe

They cannot go on like this, and they know it. The eurozone crisis was caused by huge disparities between different countries. The Greeks retired ten years younger than the Germans, at a huge cost to their economy. When the tough times came, they couldn’t afford it any more, they racked up massive debts, and the Germans and others had to bail them out. In future it’s impossible to see how EU governments can carry on doing things in such different ways.

The solutions are now widely talked about by EU politicians. The only way to keep the European dream afloat is to move rapidly towards what is called ‘political union’. They call for a finance minister for the eurozone and a common budget, an elected European president, joint economic policies, European taxes and more. It will look more and more like a United States of Europe. It’s the only way for the euro to survive.

All but two EU member states are obliged by treaty to be part of this move towards political union – Denmark and the United Kingdom. Not all the rest are yet part of the euro, but they have signed up to it, and soon they will be.

But where does that leave us? We are already outvoted again and again in Brussels. As ministers we are obliged time and again to compromise on new laws that we know are bad for Britain, but our only choice is to try and improve them a little. And if things come to a vote, and we disagree with Brussels, we always end up on the losing side.

Grayling warns that Britain will be increasingly isolated by members involved in increasing political union

At the moment we sit around the table with 27 other member states. In a decade’s time, if the leaders of the eurozone have their way, there will be us, Denmark and one giant Federation of Eurozone states. Does anyone seriously think that our voice will carry any weight at all in that situation?

The EU already dominates our way of life. It is the job of Brussels to decide on the working conditions in our factories and offices. To decide on the environmental rules that can hold back the development of new housing estates. To decide who can be defined as an asylum seeker. How our farmers work their land. The rules that govern our oil industry in the North Sea. The safety measures that we can put in place on our roads. How cancer research is conducted. The rules on fishing in our waters. The hours that doctors work. How powerful our vacuum cleaners can be. And on and on.

And the seemingly constant refrain whenever a new problem arises is that it can only be solved by more Europe.

Over the next ten years we are going to hear that refrain more and more. They have no choice. More Europe is the only way for the euro to survive.

But it’s no place for a proud, independent United Kingdom to be. If we want to be able to defend our national interest, we have to take back control and leave.

This speech given by Frederick Forsyth to Students at Southampton University goes much further in explaining why Britain will NEVER be at the ‘Top Table’ in the EU unless it is prepared to give up everything that makes us ‘Britain’ still.  This video is also available in our Video Library.


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