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‘Your vote means NOTHING’ Brussels insists land grab plot WILL go ahead despite Dutch ‘no’

EUROPEAN UNION leaders were tonight plotting to override the democratic wishes of the Dutch people and plough ahead with a rejected plan to tighten their grip on Ukraine.

Jean-Claude Juncker, left, and Angela Merkel, right

GETTY/AFP   EU leaders have tonight poured cold water on the historic Dutch referendum result

 Arrogant Brussels politicians insisted the plot to bring Kiev further into their sphere of influence will go ahead, even though it was last night overwhelmingly rejected by the Dutch people.

Germany’s Angela Merkel told journalists the Dutch ‘no’ vote will be “managed as we have managed other difficult issues before”, whilst French president Francois Hollande said the EU will “implement and apply” the rejected treaty.

And EU President Jean-Claude Juncker today expressly REFUSED to rule out steamrollering the Dutch people’s democratic rights and enforcing the deal on them anyway.

Their remarks came hours after Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko insisted his country WILL join the EU come what may, regardless of whether the European populace want it to.The remarks were tonight set to infuriate pro-democracy campaigners, who had openly expressed fears that the Brussels leadership would simply ignore the views of voters and press ahead with the deal.

Last night the Dutch electorate rejected the plan by a huge majority, with 61.1% voting to block the deal, compared to just 38.1% who wanted it to go ahead.

A Dutch campaigner celebrates last night's result

AFP    Dutch campaigners have been celebrating after securing the historic no vote

 GeenPeil frontman Jan Roos, initiator of the Dutch referendum on the EU's treaty of association with Ukraine

AFP   The result was seen as a victory for European people power

 But less than 24 hours later the Brussels elite has declared their wishes irrelevant, insisting it will plough ahead with its expansionist and federalist agenda regardless.

Mrs Merkel told reporters: “We’re going to manage this as we have managed other difficult issues before.”

Her comments are believed to refer to the last time the Dutch people rejected an EU power grab, when they voted against the proposed EU Constitution in 2005.

In that case the document was simply rebranded as the Lisbon Treaty and brought into law without any democratic oversight.

Meanwhile French President Francois Hollande reacted to the Dutch ‘no’ vote today by insisting it is irrelevant.

He said: “As far as Europe is concerned, it will implement what it can of the association agreement.

”As far as France and Germany, we will continue to support Ukraine and apply the association agreement in our respective countries.”

People queue up to vote

EPA   More than 60% of people voted to reject the deal in the referendum

 The votes are counted in last night's election

EPA   The comments by EU leaders are bound to infuriate pro-democracy campaigners

 Mr Juncker meanwhile refused to rule out pushing through the deal after speaking to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the phone last night.

The Brussels chief said he was “sad” at the result, but did not encourage Dutch politicians to respect the wishes of their people.

Instead he stated that it was “for the government of the Netherlands to analyse the outcome and decide on the course of action”.

Mr Juncker added: ”The Commission remains strongly committed to the development of its relations with Ukraine.”

Tellingly, his spokeswoman refused to answer questions over the trend of European voters rejecting EU policies whenever they are consulted via referendums, or Brussels’ tendency to implement their plans regardless.

Earlier today Ukraine leader Mr Poroshenko arrogantly declared that the crushing referendum result would make no difference to his country’s stated aim of joining the EU.He told reporters: “I want to stress that this referendum, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Netherlands, has only a consultative role and now it is for the government, parliament and Dutch politicians to decide.

“I am sure that strategically this event is not an obstacle to Ukraine’s entry to Europe.”

Their comments came after Eurosceptic campaigners warned that Brussels’ long history of ignoring democratically taken decisions indicated it would probably push ahead with the Ukraine deal regardless.

After the result was declared Labour MP Kate Hoey tweeted: “A great result in the Dutch referendum tonight. No doubt the EU commission will tell them to vote again #Brexit.”

He said: “If politicians ignore the Dutch ‘no’ then it will be an even stronger signal than what the British have already received – that there is no way to correct the European political class and that they should vote to leave.”The deal proposes a huge shift in political, trade and defence cooperation between Brussels and Kiev which is seen as the first step towards Ukraine becoming a full EU member.

But it went down like a lead balloon with the Dutch public, who are increasingly turning against the EU as calls for a Brexit continue to gather pace.

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