EU to demand Britain offer training and jobs to Syrian refugees ‘to restore their dignity’

EURO socialists in Brussels are now trying to coerce Britain to give jobs to Syrian refugees in a radical new paper which is expected to get the full backing of Labour MEPs in the European Parliament, can reveal.

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Brussels is now trying to coerce Britain to give jobs to Syrian refugees in a radical new paper

A European Parliament draft report written by an Italian MEP, calls for a massive shake up in existing funds from the EU which are presently spent on training poor British youngsters to help them get back into the job market. The report wants existing EU programs which help the unemployed to now include Syrian refugees, helping them gain work and even training to give them an advantage in the jobs market.

Yet the blueprint also calls for new money allocations to Syrian “asylum seekers”, proposing even more money to be pumped into existing EU schemes which help them, which the UK currently pays into.

The whacky new plan though has angered UKIP MEPs in Brussels who scorn Labour colleagues who back it – and who are now shunning the media spotlight. has learnt that Labour MEPs are expected to throw their weight behind it along with their European colleagues, hoping that in the coming months – which the report states will see “increasingly significant numbers” of refugees entering the EU – Britain will be forced to implement its demands.

The report’s author, one of the youngest MEPs in the parliament who according to his own MEP web page doesn’t appear to have had a real job himself, claims “that granting refugees access to the labour market is important to restoring their human dignity and self-worth and is also cost-efficient, as it would allow them to be self-sufficient and to gain economic independence, which is an essential step for their inclusion into society”.

The EU draft is believed to get the backing by a former minister in Gordon Brown’s cabinet, who now sits on the same committee as an MEP in the European parliament.

Siôn Simon MEP is a member of the employment and social affairs committee which has produced ludicrous proposals in the past, even from British MEPs.

In 2013, it was revealed that a British Green MEP on the same committee similarly proposed that Roma gangs in the UK should be given special treatments and privileges in the form of cash handouts and exclusive healthcare.

Simon is no stranger to controversy.

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Germany hosts job fair for migrantsGETTY

Berlin has hosted a job fair for migrants arriving the country

Labour politicians have been the quickest to throw open Britain’s borders

Tim Aker MEP

On 5 September 2006 he and Chris Bryant penned a letter which was signed by 17 Labour backbenchers calling for Tony Blair to resign.

On 12 October 2006 Simon then created a YouTube spoof of David Cameron’s video blog, in which, pretending to be the PM, he offered viewers one of his children and the opportunity to sleep with his wife.

Despite exhaustive attempts all week to reach Mr Simon over a two week period, he has chosen not to comment on the draft report. Even the Labour press office in Brussels is avoiding journalists’ questions.

But a UKIP MEP on the same committee, said that he was “disturbed, but not surprised” by both the draft report and that Labour were planning on supporting it.

“Labour politicians have been the quickest to throw open Britain’s borders,” Tim Aker MEP explained.

“The party that once said ‘British jobs for British workers’ shows they never meant it in the first place,” he said, speaking from Brussels last night.


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The whacky new plan though has angered UKIP MEPs in Brussels who scorn Labour colleagues who back it

“Millions are unemployed, they should be the priority of national governments.  The EU should put its efforts into ditching the Euro rather than dissolving national borders”, added the young UKIP MEP from the East of England.

The draft report is not only calling for money and training to give Syrian refugees jobs but it goes further in that it wants their existing professional qualifications from Syria to be recognized by British employers and that the EU forces UK and others countries in Europe to give them access to the job market “no later than six months from the date when their applications were lodged”, the report states.

But it also goes further. It also calls for them to jump queues for access to free housing calling on EU governments “to ensure the swift and full labour market integration and social inclusion of refugees, including access to housing, healthcare and social protection”.

Furthermore, the report backs calls from the European Commission President to give asylum seekers access to job markets, which he made in 2015 and accuses UK and others of not doing enough on “matters such as access to employment, vocational training, schooling and education of minors, food, housing, healthcare, medical and psychological care and provisions for disadvantaged persons”.

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