The Elephant in the Room

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The first step in training baby elephants to perform is to destroy the bond between them and their mothers. To do this, circus trainers drag the babies away from their mothers. For up to 23 hours a day, the babies’ legs are tethered so that all they can do is stand in one spot on a concrete floor. They aren’t provided with any mental or physical stimulation, and they can’t lie down, stretch their legs, or even turn around. The baby elephants naturally try to walk away and are stopped by the rope. They pull and push and twist and turn and eventually figure out that they just aren’t strong enough to break free of their shackles, so they stop resisting and just stay where they are.

The next time they tie up the baby elephants they try to break away once again, pulling on the rope to see if they can go free. When they figure out that once again it is futile, they stop pulling and settle down and stay where they are. We have learned the same behaviour. Cameron had meeting after meeting to get his “MUST LIST” agreed, and was met with failure, yet he still wants us to be a slave to the EU.

The same thing happens over and over with elephants until eventually, when the rope is put over their heads, they no longer pull and push and try to break free because they know it is futile. That is why in captivity you can walk by a circus and see giant elephants standing passively with a rope tied around their necks that isn’t attached to anything at all. After up to six long months of standing in their own waste, these once curious and energetic elephants lose all interest in fighting back. Their spirits are broken. Now, they’re under the control of the trainers, as the UK is under the control of the EU. Now we no longer try to insist on what we want, we kow tow to what we are told.

The elephant becomes so accustomed to being held back by the rope, that merely the rope itself keeps the animal in check. If only they knew how powerful they really are. If only they realized that by the time they have grown up, even a rope “secured” to a pole can no longer contain them. The people of the United Kingdom are the elephant. We have no idea what true freedom is. We have been brain washed, bullied, tethered to the EU. Cameron is trying to keep us tethered and chained in slavery to that same pole. Cameron is using bully boy tactics to beat the people of the UK down. Some people are so beaten down and accustomed to slavery that, like the elephants, they aren’t able to see the liberation that is right before their eyes because they lack vision, both literally and figuratively.

Literally, our eyes are those of slaves — cast upon the ground, avoiding eye contact, unassertive, not aggressive, non-threatening, without real vision. Figuratively, we have been EU slaves so long we simply cannot imagine anything better, bolder, brighter, bigger for our lives. Have we lost the ability to dream, to visualize our lives as free (from the EU’s tether) men and women, to embrace a vision of a better life and a better UK?

Those who vote to stay in the EU are fearful to have a vision of their lives that exalts them and could set them free. What this teaches us is that just as the elephant could set himself free if he only chose, we can do the same for ourselves, as well.

Vote to LEAVE the EU.


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