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I AM CONFUSED an Editorial by Peter Brown


The Green Party is supposedly anti-TTIP and yet is fervently for staying in the EU, as are all of the other mainstream Parties. I have just watched a video that was made and promoted by the Green Party that explains in detail just how undemocratic it would be if we should stay in the EU and they accede to the TTIP which is a strong possibility.  The person who made the video is David Malone, a renowned video documentary maker and who is himself a Green Party candidate for his home town of Scarborough.  If the Green Party is so adamantly against TTIP, why on Earth do they advocate remaining in the EU?  Is it because they are more concerned at the risk of losing EU environmental policy that they are deliberately putting the final touch on the loss of British democracy?

The title of the video is:  “”The Death of Democracy” a public talk on the TTIP”.  It is an extremely apt title.  The EU is generally regarded as lacking in democracy.  TTIP goes much further in giving the Corporations the power to overturn any Law made by National Parliaments, the EU itself or any National or European Court if the Corporations should decide that such laws impinge on any profit that they make or may make in the FUTURE.

The video is available to watch on website.  It is quite long with just over an hour of talk followed by around a half hour of questions and answers but will give each of you an exact description of what TTIP is about and how it will make the EU’s lack of democracy appear insignificant.

First; some history:  In the 1950’s, the United States was the most powerful industrial nation in the World and held dominance over most of the World Trade.  It was mainly under American rules that the WTO was set up and consequently, they dominated that too. Eventually many delegates to the WTO had enough of this dominance that some including India and Brazil objected which started the democratisation of the WTO giving each delegate equal power.

The United States is not happy with their loss of dominance and have since set up a number of ‘Trade’ treaties:  TTP and TISA and are in the process of trying to set up TTIP in Europe to complete the global chain with the full intention of by-passing the WTO.  Emerging Countries such as Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa have not been invited to join any of these treaties because the US fears that they may attempt to remove the dominance of America yet again.

The full story of this is on another video:

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