EU Referendum

Staggering graph of European jobless shows why Britain must LEAVE unemployment-ravaged EU

SHOCKING unemployment statistics reveal a huge CHASM between the UK and much of the rest of the European Union – providing voters with yet more evidence that Britain would be better off out.

Eurostat – Getty    Unemployment has led to protests and strikes across Europe

Disturbing figures show Britain at odds with the majority of the continent’s nations, which are plagued by strikes and jobless rates as high as 24 per cent.

The UK’s low five per cent unemployment figure is only bettered by Germany and the Czech Republic, while the 25 other nations all post worryingly high figures.

Turkey, who are not in the EU but are pushing for membership, has worse figures than 20 current members at a staggering 10.

The statistics, released by Eurostat, add more weight to Brexit campaigners’ claims the UK would be better off outside of the shared marketplace, where it would be able to negotiate its new economic deals – as well as being free from the responsibility to help out financially struggling nations.

Unemployment graph

Shocking statistics show the UK’s unemployment rate dwarfed by much of Europe

Unemployment in Spain

GETTY   Spain’s unemployment rate is now at 20%

Figures show, while only one-in-20 British people of working age are unemployed, in Greece the rate is almost one-in-four and in Spain it is one-in-five.

Latvia, Slovakia, Italy, Portgual, Cyprus Croatia and France, which has a huge industrial strike planned for Thursday, all have unemployment figures of at least 10 per cent, more than double the rate in the UK.

French protest

GETTY   A workers’ rights protest in France

 Unemployment protest

GETTY   An unemployment protest in Greece in 2014

The shocking statistics were released in the wake of a new poll which shows more people now support Brexit than oppose it.

Pollsters ICM revealed 46 per cent of Britain’s now want to leave the EU, while 44 per cent want to remain – results that suggest US President Barack Obama’s fear-mongering on his trip to the UK may have actually given the Leave campaign a boost.

Obama had claimed Britain would be at the “back of the queue” for a trade deal with America if it left the EU, but his Project Fear campaign, blasted by US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan as a “big mistake”, appears to have backfired.

ICM’s Jennifer Bottomley said: “Interestingly, we do see a hardening of resolve among Leave supporters when it comes to turnout, with 80 per cent saying they are absolutely certain to vote, compared with 75 per cent who said the same in our first April poll, perhaps reflecting a sense of displeasure about Mr Obama’s comments.”

Mr Ryan added: “We should leave this up to the British people.”

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