A letter to the Scottish People.


I started a petition on the Government website ( to preclude David Cameron or any of his appointees to be involved in any post-Brexit negotiation because he simply cannot be trusted to do right by Britain as he is so much in thrall to his Corporate Masters in the EU.

As I start to write this letter, the petition needed only 11 more signatures to reach 10,000; the point when the Government has to respond to the petition.  At the rate it is being signed, it is highly likely that we will have reached 10,000 before anyone reads this.

It is known that the more level-headed people of Scotland realised that they are better off within the United Kingdom and voted decisively to stay.  The SNP singularly failed to make a viable economic case for Scotland to leave the Union and instead, relied on the fervour of the Nationalist’s belief that Scotland could be self-sustaining on the income from North Sea oil.  Subsequent events have proved the ‘No’ side to be correct.  The bottom dropped out of the oil market.  The price of oil is currently around $33 per barrel.  Just to break even with Scotland being able to maintain essential services requires at least the revenue from $50 per barrel otherwise, Scotland will be subjected to massive austerity measures and/or a massive hike in taxation.

Nicola Sturgeon has said that she would not call for another referendum until she was sure that she could win it.  She also recently said that should Britain choose to leave the EU, she will call for another Independence Referendum within 5 years.  I watched a live interview of Nicola Sturgeon some months ago when the interviewer suggested that Scotland might be given full fiscal autonomy, she actually blanched and made a panicked response that such an arrangement would have to be implemented over a period of years.  Yet, had the ‘Yes’ side won the referendum, such a situation would have occurred within a very few short months and Scotland would have been on its own and with the demise of oil prices, Scotland would have been in severe financial trouble.  Help from the EU would not have been forthcoming because a Scottish secession would have caused encouragement to calls for independence in other European States such as Spain.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are adamant that the majority of the Scottish People are determined to stay in the EU but in the last General Election, although the SNP won most of the seats, the only other parties that increased their share of the vote was the Greens and UKIP.  It is estimated that in Scotland it is by no means a foregone conclusion that the majority will vote to stay in the EU, especially at grass roots level.

The EU Referendum will be decided by the vote across the whole United Kingdom and there is a strong possibility that the Country will vote to leave.  If that should occur, the best course of action is for the Scots to be pragmatic about the decision.  A strong British economy is to the best interests of the Country as a whole.

The one big fly in the ointment is that Cameron has consistently shewn that he wishes us to stay in the EU and has lied and obfuscated and used every dirty trick in the book to try and bring that about.  There is no love lost between the Scots and Cameron and they must know that Cameron cannot be relied upon to what is best for the Country in a post Brexit negotiation.  He is too much in thrall with his Corporate Masters in the EU to fight for the best interests for Britain.  He is already spending many millions of British Taxpayer’s money in his panic to stay in.

The petition mentioned above has been signed by people in every single constituency in England.  Only two constituencies in Scotland have no signatories and just one in Northern Ireland.  Whether you wish to remain in the EU or not, in the event of a vote to Brexit, the only viable response is to wish that Britain gets the best deal that it can.  We cannot trust Cameron to negotiate for us and so, even if you do not wish to leave the EU, if Brexit should occur, then it is in all of our interests to try to prevent Cameron having any influence in the negotiations.

Please sign the petition by clicking the link above.  If we do not vote to leave, then nothing is lost.  But, there is everything to lose for the whole Country unless we can stop Cameron from being involved.

Peter Brown.

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