Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who helped plan the terror attacks in Paris. He entered the UK despite a conviction in Belgium for terrorism-related offences

Even ignoring Merkel’s ‘Crocodile tears’ concerning the plight of the Syrian migrants, she insisted that EU migration policy should also include anyone that wanted to come to Europe including purely ‘economic’ migrants.  Despite previous problems in Germany considering the Turkish ‘Gast Arbeiters’, she chose to deliberately use the excuse of Germany’s declining working population to spread her (read the EU’s) policy of immigration to force the whole of Europe to accept her policy.  Unfortunately for Merkel, her plan seriously back-fired.

Although initially welcoming, the German People soon realised their mistake when very large groups of predominantly Muslim young men took to gathering in large groups in the City Centres.  They had little to do except congregate and make a nuisance of themselves.  This coupled with their endemic attitude towards women soon turned them to sexual intimidation and violence culminating in the violent scenes in Cologne and many other cities on New Year’s Eve.  Even non-Muslim members of the group quickly found that their large numbers made them invulnerable to any form of control.  Especially so when the Police, generally, stood by and watched what was going on and the German Authorities went into a period of denial.

The German Authorities, in particular Merkel, was fully aware of what was happening in Scandinavian Countries for the past two or three years.  In those Countries, they have had a serious problem with large groups of marauding migrants who have been frequently guilty of the behaviour that Merkel was inviting into Germany but on a much larger scale.  Sweden had acquired the unfortunate title of being the ‘Rape Capital of Europe’ but there was grave danger that German Cities might inherit that title from the Swedes.  This has caused a proliferation of ‘Far Right’ groups in Germany and elsewhere.  Worse, for Merkel, she found herself in a position where she was quickly losing her dominance of the German Government (and hence, the EU) as her personal popularity to the German People fell dramatically causing many of the Germans to move their support to the burgeoning AfD (Alternative for Germany) Party.  The AfD recently took political control of 3 German Districts and seriously threaten Merkel’s coalition Government in next year’s General Elections.

Many of the ‘Schengen’ Countries in the EU, as well as several non-EU Countries, have set up border controls to prevent the massive movement of migrants through their territory and called for the ‘Schengen’ Agreement to be suspended.  Despite this, Merkel, together with Martin Schultz refused to do anything to stem the flow of migrants into Europe and instead came up with the ridiculous plan of trying to force the EU States to accept ‘their fair share’ of the migrants that those States never asked for.  She is also attempting to have the Dublin Agreement annulled.  The Dublin Agreement required that Asylum Seekers were to be registered for asylum in the first EU Country of their landfall as there is now considerable protest from the Mediterranean Countries that are feeling the pressure from the migrant routes from Turkey and North Africa.  It is small wonder that this is occurring as EU Policy is to ‘rescue’ these migrants who had been put to sea by Traffickers in small boats and deliver them safely into Europe instead of delivering them back to where they embarked.  It became so ridiculous that the Traffickers were telephoning the EU Authorities and informing them of the positions of migrant boats as soon as they left North African territorial waters in order that the migrants could complete their journey in the comfort and safety of a Naval Vessel and be deposited into Europe.

Eventually, the migrant Traffickers moved the preferred route to the much shorter distance between Turkey and Greece with the intention that the migrants could then travel on foot up to Europe through the Balkan States.  This caused considerable problems for Merkel’s policy as several Countries, including Austria, erected fences along their borders and closed off that route out of Greece.  However, the migrants continued to arrive in Greece with nowhere to go.  The result was the infamous negotiations with Erdogan of Turkey with a view to Merkel and Schultz to restart the failed attempt for Turkey to accede to the EU.  The problem was that Erdogan’s deteriorating human rights record was pushing Turkey further and further from EU Membership requirements and there is considerable resistance within the EU Parliament to allow accession.  Not least from the massive population of Turkey which would acquire far too much influence in the Parliament but also it would move the EU’s external border up to the war-torn Middle East in Syria, Iraq and Iran.  The result was a patchwork agreement between Merkel and Erdogan that she and Schulz would try to facilitate Turkish entry in the future but be paid an enormous sum of money an enormous sum of money ‘to help pay for the Syrian refugees’ and to allow visa-free travel by 77 Million Turks into the Schengen Zone ‘soon’.   In return, Turkey was supposed to accept the return of failed asylum seekers back to Turkey to be replaced on a one-to-one basis with refugees from the camps.  It was not long before Erdogan became demanding and insisting that visa-free travel should be actioned by June, 2016 else he would tear up the agreement.  In fact, there are reports that it will occur some time this month (May, 2016)

Merkel, like Cameron is bought and paid for by the Multi-National Conglomerates.  The only thing that Cameron does not understand is that he is so far down the pecking order, that he is only a useful tool to help bring about the aims of the Controlling Corporate oligarchy as they work to turn the People of Europe into conforming ‘sheep’.  Merkel now finds herself in a considerable dilemna.  On the one hand, she is faced with her waning popularity in Europe and is seriously threatened by being voted out of the Leadership of Germany (and hence, the EU) and, no doubt, she is unlikely, personally, to enjoy being held over a barrel by Erdogan who appears to be holding all of the cards in the agreement.  On the other hand, she is committed to the Federalization of Europe and with it, the sublimation of Nation States by the influx of millions of migrants to dilute the population and culture of the Nation States comprising the EU.

With the waning birth rate among Europeans, there is no appetite in Europe, let alone Germany, that the burgeoning birth rate among Muslims from the Middle East will likely see a majority of Muslims in Europe by 2050.  But, by far, the most immediate problem is the increasing proliferation of violence in European Cities by ‘Jihadists’ who have been infiltrating the migrant groups from the Middle East and North Africa.  They walk unseen among us until they have already committed an atrocity such as the wanton murder of innocent civilians by suicide bombers.  It takes only a very small number of Terrorists to kill or maim hundreds of people in our crowded cities.  It now seems that Merkel is changing her tactics to reduce the number of Muslim migrants from the Middle East and is instead, turning towards the African States.

The recent revelations that the EU is holding a secret summit with leaders of African Nations to accept failed asylum seekers in return for allowing others to come to the EU is providing an open door to the possibility of importing totally unvetted migrants into our midst.  Many of the already admitted migrants have forged papers mainly copies of Greek and Italian documents that are easily forged as they are printed onto card.  Not even an encapsulated document such as is a British Driving Licence.  The average computer user can easily make an Italian travel document if they have access to a the correct type of card, a computer and a printer.  Anyone with only minimal expertise can do it.  It is reported that the ‘legal’ migrants accepted from these African States will only be allowed if they fulfill qualification requirements.  Unfortunately, corruption is rife in many African States and bribery is a way of life.  Corrupt Officials have access to sophisticated technology and it would not be difficult for them, in return for money, to forge the necessary documents to ‘prove’ qualifications and to disguise identity.

It is obvious that the EU is using the very same tactics as Mandelson when Labour was in power to actually send out envoys to RECRUIT migrants.  In the case of Labour, it was to further their agenda of so-called ‘multi-culturism’ but also to increase their voting base in Britain.  In the case of the EU, it is to flood Europe with a totally disparate deluge of migrants that will completely sublimate National Culture and to continue their agenda of subverting the indigenous labour force by means of a glut of Labour to produce a cheap and compliant workforce desperate to take any job at low wages to the benefit of the Corporative Oligarchs that actually run the EU.  This is not conspiracy theory.  Why else would the EU Elite place the population in mortal danger from terrorists knowing that it is the ordinary person in the street who will bear the brunt of this policy whilst they, because of their elevated position, will be almost completely immune.  It is the ordinary person in the street that will become the ‘Cannon Fodder’.  I have resisted using the acronym of NWO because of its connotations to ‘conspiracy theory’ but it is becoming so very obvious that is the ultimate intention.

I am not some young firebrand who espouses anarchy to bring down the ‘Establishment’.  Quite the reverse.   I am 68 years old with a terminal lung disease and will not be around to see the harm that is being done to mine, and your Country.

My Dad was a welder. I was born in 1947 just a couple of years after the War.  Money was so tight that, even though my parents had decided to have a child, they had budgeted for it,  I arrived unexpectedly as one of TWINS (there was no such thing as ultrasound in those day).  Things were so bad, that my Dad’s  workmates rallied round and had a whip round to help with the additional cost of ‘terry towel’ nappies and a double ‘pram’.  We subsequently had another Brother.  Whilst we kids were at school, my Mother worked as a cleaner, part time, in pubs.  I grew up in, if not a Socialist household, was at least with an attitude of ‘Working Class’ with a built in tendency to continue the ‘Class’ ethic.

By the normal criteria, I am considered to be intelligent.  I pride myself in believing that I am fairly good at applying ‘logic’.  But, the ‘logic’ in this situations is universal whatever the ability of the general population.  I was not highly educated, I left school at 15 years old from a Secondary Modern school.  I was not born into privilege.  What I know I learned for myself from a desire to find things out.  The word is ‘auto-didactic’; meaning self taught.  I decided to find out for myself what is relevant.  I did not go to University and consequently was not subject to the absurd thinking of some of the ‘Dons’ in academia such as Burgess, McClean, Philby and Blunt whose obscene distortion of real life brought about by their indolent life of privilege that gave them time to distort reality.  NOBODY IN BRITAIN NEEDS TO LISTEN  TO THE POLITICAL CLASS, but must decide for themselves

Which brings me back to the real situation in which we have a Government of which the hierarchy gives themselves such a sense of privilege in which we, the ordinary people, are subservient to their needs.  Personally, I believe that the ‘Class’ ethic is totally inappropriate to today with regard to the ‘Working Man’ as we each have the ability to make the best of ourselves according to our ability.  However, the ‘Class’ ethic can often be found in the reverse.  There are far too many people in politics who believe themselves to know better than the ‘hoi polloi’, the majority of people in this Country by dint of their privileged upbringing or, in some cases, an inflated regard for their own achievement.

By that token, why should the British People accept the word of generally ‘adequate’ intelligence of privileged people that consider themselves to be ‘Leaders’ simply because of their upbringing or personal achievement.

The time is long gone when the British People feel the need to ‘touch the forelock’ to the ‘Gentry’; why then, should we feel the need to believe the majority of politicians  that have arrived in their situation because of the machinations of privilege?

Why should we enhance their sense of privilege to the detriment of OUR Country?  We outnumber them by several Million.  They are generally no wiser than the average fishmonger, fireman or street sweeper,. So why do people slavishly listen to their outlandish lies?

Cameron and Osborne are both creatures of privilege and simply do not care about us, the ordinary people.  So, why then, are the British People so ready to accept their word.  It cannot be because we consider them our ‘Betters’  nor can we be any different from the British People who resisted the will of Foreign Potentates that wished to sublimate Europe before?  I do not care if the European wish to be led by the nose by Brussels.  I care only for the British people who deserve so much more because we have so often given our lives for European democracy against tyrants.

Peter Brown

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