TTIP – This is what we will be accepting in one form or another if Britain should vote to stay in the EU

On the 27th of April, this site issued an editorial entitled ‘I am confused’.  The object of the article was the apparent conflict between the Green Party’s antipathy towards TTIP and their vehement invocation that Britain should stay in the European Union.  The two stances must be mutually exclusive.  Nobody can espouse staying within the EU if they object to TTIP because, although at the time, nobody knew exactly what TTIP involved.  Thanks to Clive Taylor-Sholl we now know that TTIP is much worse than suspected and, should we stay within the EU we in Britain will inevitably be signed up to it.

Please take time to watch the video encompassed in the previous editorial shewn here.  It is quite long, just over an hour followed by a further half hour of Questions and Answers.  The thing to remember is that; though the Green Party completely advocate staying in the EU, they sponsored a video explaining exactly what the basics of TTIP are.

Since then, we now have leaked information from ‘GreenPeace Netherlands’ exactly what is in the negotiations as they now stand.  Remember, these documents are strictly between the Corporate entities within the EU and EU Parliamentarians are only allowed sight of these negotiations by applying to the American Embassy for an appointment.  Only two, two hour appointments are allowed each week for only two MEPs at a time.  Once there, the MEPs are required to give up all electronic equipment that will allow recording of any part of the documents and they are subject to close scrutiny by US Embassy Guards the whole time that they are there.  This is fact, not fiction.

Now to the GreenPeace Document:


The document describes the draft agreement under a series of headings.  Because of the format of the Greenpeace article, it is not possible  to show their contents in this article, but to click on each heading will take you to a point on the Greenpeace site that will allow you to preview or download each section or to download the whole of them under individual titles.

Anyone that should be under the illusion that the referendum result to stay within the EU will be a vote for the ‘Status Quo’ is in for a very nasty surprise.  If they should consider that they can live with the EU as it is now because they are frightened that the UK is not strong enough to stand on its own two feet will find that the lack of democracy in the EU as it stands will be completely removed and replaced by a system whereby large Corporations will completely overrule the status of individual States, it will do the same for the EU as a whole.

If we should ever be subject to TTIP, we will find that National Governments cannot only be sued for loss of any perceived profit, they will also be sued for any perceived ‘FUTURE’ profit that the litigant suggests simply because they may have been excluded from any tender list.   This Law suit will NOT take place in any International Court of Law but will be subject to an ARBITRATION by a panel selected from only around twenty different Arbitration firms in the World.  The panel will be drawn from one of these approved firms with one selected by the defendant, a second by the litigant and a third to be appointed by the TTIP panel.  Because of the limited pool of Arbitrationists, it is entirely likely that ALL THREE may be selected from the same Arbitration firm.  In past experience, it has been found that when individuals of these firms have been asked their opinion, they very closely agree with each other.

If anyone reading this is undecided, or worse, considering voting to stay within the EU is happy with the idea of Europe being run by Corporate Oligarchs whose only motive is the pursuit of power then they should consider that these people have so much money that they cannot possibly spend it in several life times which can only lead to the conclusion of Megalomania.

Does anyone want themselves, their children or their children’s children to be ruled by such as these?  Cameron and Merkel do.  Merkel, if she survives, will probably benefit from it.  Cameron does not realise that he so far down the list of ‘pecking order’ that he, and the Country his is taking with him into the morass will be the losers in this game.


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