‘No Islam on German soil’ Thousands protest in Berlin against Merkel’s migration policy

THOUSANDS of far-right protestors chanting “no Islam on German soil” massed in Berlin today as anger continued to mount over Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy.

Far-right protestors march in Berlin
GETTY   Thousands of far-right protesters gathered in Berlin today

Crowds of people describing themselves as “patriots” descended outside the official residence of the embattled German leader claiming they were there to protect the country’s ‘culture, identity and heritage”.

But they were met by a huge crowd of anti-fascist protesters, with scuffles breaking out throughout the German capital as police struggled to maintain law and order.

Mrs Merkel’s controversial decision to roll out the red carpet to migrants last year has sparked huge controversy in Germany, with many people angry about the unprecedented levels of mass migration which have followed.

That fury was stoked further by the horrific New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne, when a mob of 1,000 migrant men went on the rampage raping and robbing women.

Far-right protestors march in Berlin

GETTY    Protestors are angry at Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy

 Far-right protestors march in Berlin

GETTY    They chanted for the German leader to quit during the protest

 Far-right protestors march in Berlin

GETTY   There were several scuffles with anti-fascist protestors

 Today far-right protestors held up placards reading “No Islam on German Soil” and “Merkel Must Go” amid a sea of German flags at the nationalistic gathering.

One person said: “I am here for my family, for my culture, our identity, heritage and our future.

Another woman told RT: “We are here to get back our rights. We are Europeans, if we give away our countries, where are we going to go?”

A third person insisted that people at the gathering were “not racists” but rather “patriots.”

Far-right protestors march in Berlin

GETTY   More than 1.1 million migrants have travelled to Germany over the last year

Far-right protestors march in Berlin

GETTY   Anger has been stoked by incidents like the Cologne sex attacks

 A left-wing activist is led away by police

GETTY   A number of left-wing activists tried to disrupt the protest

However there was a sizeable counter-demonstration of around 4,500 people in support of the beleaguered German Chancellor, with a thin blue line of police being deployed to keep the two sides apart.

The demonstrators chanted “we are the people” – a mantra common to recent far-right rallies – to which left-wing opponents shouted back “no you’re not”.

According to reports there were small outbreaks of violence between the sides, with bottles and even a beer stein being thrown by left-wing counter demonstrators, who chanted “Nazis out”.

In retaliation far-right protestors cheered and jeered then their opponents tried and failed to break through the police cordon, quickly being overwhelmed and dragged away by officers.

About 1.1 million migrants crossed into Germany last year from the Middle East and North Africa raising concerns nationwide about how the country would cope with the influx.

A series of migrant sex attacks since then have fired up tensions and anger against Mrs Merkel’s refusal to budge on her open door policy. This week the German leader said it was important that people understood her immigration policies which have caused her personal ratings to plummet.

She said: “We have to ensure that Europe is a project that people understand. It’s better with Europe than without Europe”.

The protests came on the same day that left-wing agitators clashed with police on the border between Italy and Austria over plans to restrict the flow of migrants northwards.

Masked thugs rioted at the Alpine Brenner Pass over Vienna’s plans to put up a fence and station the army on the border amid fears of a fresh influx of migrants through Italy.

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