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David Cameron is ‘PANICKING’ over European Union referendum, top Tories tell Newsnight

TWO senior Tories have blasted David Cameron’s Project Fear after the Prime Minister claimed leaving the EU could result in another world war.

What you are seeing is a certain amount of panic on part of the ‘Remain’ campaign headed up by the Prime Minister

David Davis

David Davis said the desperate ‘In’ campaign are panicking ahead of the EU referendum next month after Mr Cameron gave a highly provocative speech on remaining in the EU.

Mr Davis told Newsnight: “What you are seeing is a certain amount of panic on part of the ‘Remain’ campaign headed up by the Prime Minister.

David DavisGETTY

David Davis claimed the ‘Remain’ campaign is in panic mode

Speaking at the British Museum, the Prime Minister said voters will “weigh up the arguments, reflect on them quietly, discuss them with friends and family and calmly make a decision”.

Liam foxBBC

Liam Fox said a Brexit would wake Europe up to its senses

He insisted there is “safety in numbers” as he insisted sticking with the 28-member bloc was crucial in the fight against Islamic State.

Mr Cameron said: “The serried rows of white headstones in lovingly-tended Commonwealth war cemeteries stand as silent testament to the price this country has paid to help restore peace and order in Europe.

“Can we be so sure that peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt?”

But former Defence Secretary Liam Fox rubbished the Prime Minister’s claims and said Britain would “bring Europe to its senses” if voters opted out on June 23.

He said: “Those who are in charge of Europe need to recognise that they are going in a fundamentally floored direction.

“Creating the rise of nationalism across the continent and and a whole generation of Europeans sacrificed on the alter of the single currency with all the social problems that that bring.

David DavisBBC

Mr Davis said it is ‘beyond belief’ that a Brexit would create another war

“That’s before we get to the mass migration that has been made easier by the disaster that is Schengen.”

Mr Cameron adopted a Churchillian stance as he warned that Britain could end up being dragged into a future European conflict if it triggers the EU’s collapse.

But Mr Davis labelled the Prime Minister’s example of Winston Churchill in his speech as “a defiance of history”.

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