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Project Armageddon? Cameron risks fresh ridicule after claiming ISIS support Brexit

DAVID CAMERON today risked fresh ridicule after claiming Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists want Britain to quit the EU.

David Cameron ISIS Brexit
PA • GETTY   David Cameron said ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wants Brexit

A week after suggesting a Brexit vote on June 23 could lead to World War Three breaking out in Europe, the Prime Minister has now claimed the leader of the depraved terror group would welcome the UK cutting its ties with Brussels.

After delivering a speech at Mansion House in the City of London, Mr Cameron signalled his belief ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and combative Russian president Vladimir Putin were the only international figures hoping for a Leave result.

The Prime Minister posed a rhetorical question asking “who would be happy” if the nation does vote for Brexit.

He then said Putin would welcome such an outcome, before adding “I suspect al-Baghdadi” would, too.

Mr Cameron has already been heavily criticised for his ‘Project Fear’ campaign against a Leave outcome on June 23.

But today marks the first time the Prime Minister has explicitly cited ISIS as a reason for voting to Remain.

Leading Brexit campaigner Daniel Hannan, a Conservative MEP, said the Prime Minister’s reference to ISIS, otherwise known as Daesh, was a sign of Downing Street’s increasingly desperate pro-EU campaign.

He said: “When people start trying to claim that Brexit will help Daesh, you know they’ve run out of arguments.”

Fellow Leave supporter Marcus Fysh, Tory MP for Yeovil, claimed that rather than wanting member states to leave the EU, the jihadists would instead be desperate for the expansion of the EU to include Turkey, which neighbours ISIS strongholds in Syria.

He said: “ISIS undoubtedly wants Turkey to get Schengen visa-free access and then membership of the EU.”

In a desperate bid to deal with the migration crisis, Brussels bosses are currently pushing through an agreement to hand 79million Turks visa-free travel to continental Europe as well as fast-tracking the country’s EU membership.

The pending deal has sparked security fears among EU citizens following the revelation one of the Paris terrorist attack plotters had travelled freely into and through the EU from Syria on at least two occasions in 12 months prior to last November’s atrocity.

Former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove has said the EU offering visa-free access to Turkey is “like storing gasoline next to the fire one is trying to extinguish”.

But the Prime Minister today rejected the idea that the deal is dangerous.

He said: “No it isn’t. What the deal did was that there were tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people leaving Turkey, paying people smugglers, getting into boats, arriving in Greece and therefore being given the right to settle as asylum seekers or refugees in Europe.

“I said repeatedly to my colleagues in Europe, ‘look, we’re not in your no borders [Schengen] zone, we are going to maintain our border, if you let these people in that doesn’t mean they are going to be able to come to Britain so in some ways this is not my business but my very strong advice is that you need to have a policy where people who arrive in Europe can immediately be sent back to Turkey’.

“Why? Because you have got to break the model of the people smugglers.

“As long as they can make that trip the people smugglers go on having a business.

“Once you send them back and say ‘Turkey is a safe country, we can examine your claim for asylum or refuge there in Turkey’, once you do that you break the model of the people smugglers.”

Mr Cameron said that the deal with Turkey represents the “best of both worlds”.

“We are not in the no border zone so these people don’t have a right to come to Britain,” he said.

“We are taking our refugees directly from the camps rather than from other European countries.

“But we had an influence on trying to help Europe towards getting to the right decision.”

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