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The EU Agenda for all to see


Roger Arthur

Un-elected EU officials continue to emasculate national parliaments, taking ever more power to themselves, while Merkel brands the UK Referendum as a “needless risk”.

That and the notes below, extracted from The Case for Brexit (on Amazon kindle), should leave no one in any doubt that EU officials intend to drive that process, to a conclusion.

The first clue to their EU agenda is seen on the walls of the “ad nauseam”, adjacent to the EU Parliament, where this 1939 quote from Lord Lothian is displayed:

National SOVEREIGNTY is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time and of the steady march of humanity back to tragic disaster and barbarism…The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil is a federal union of the peoples….”

So the UK is expected to give up its democracy, evolved over 1,000 years, placing its destiny in the hands of un-elected bureaucrats – who have little interest in what we think. They have repeatedly shown their contempt for democracy, as seen below.

  • Jean Monnet’s observation that “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will irreversibly lead to federation.”
  • Jacques Delors said in 1992 “we are not here to make a single market – that doesn’t interest me – but to make a Political Union”.
  • Herman Van Rompuy is quoted below as saying that “The EU intends ultimately to control every country on the Western Flank of Russia. If the public doesn’t want it then we do it anyway.”
  •  Van Rompuy also said in 2010 that “the era of the homogenous nation state is over.” The use of homogenous is not inconsistent with the EU ambition to break the UK up into regions.
  •  Juncker himself is quoted below (in relation to the Greek crisis) as saying that “there can be no democratic choice against the European Treaties.”

He is also quoted as saying “We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back“.

  •  “NO” votes in referendums for the, French, Irish, Dutch and Danes were treated with contempt. Juncker’s comment on the French referendum (on the EU constitution) was:

“If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue’,”

Thus the status of our Parliament is being steadily reduced to that of a local council.

Sadly we will not be able to stop that process if we remain in the EU, because Cameron has failed to get the   “legally binding reform” that we were led to expect.

We know from experience, that (after we vote to leave) we would most likely be offered “better terms” and then be asked to vote again.

So on the basis of all available information – there is every good reason to vote to Leave the EU.

Un-elected EU leaders have treated your elected PM with contempt, but that is no reason why they should do the same to you and – if you want better terms and more time to think – then there is NO good reason now to vote to Remain.

Who knows, we might even get some legally binding reform.

Roger Arthur – Author of the book “The Case for Brexit” .


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