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Brexit will give us back £50BN – Let’s spend it on parts of Britain hit by immigration

QUITTING the European Union will allow a £50billion ‘National Dividend’ to be spent on parts of Britain damaged by uncontrolled immigration, a leading Brexit campaigner claimed today.

Lord Owen

GETTY   Lord Owen said money saved from the EU budget bill could be spend on the NHS, schools and housing

Former Labour foreign secretary Lord Owen called for the savings made from ending the UK’s multi-billion pound contribution to the EU budget each year to be used for new hospitals, schools and housing.

He said the money must be ring-fenced for those areas of Britain where public services are most under strain due to influxes of EU migrants.

Lord Owen, who sits as an independent peer in the House of Lords, is part of the official lead Vote Leave campaign ahead of the EU referendum on June 23.

In a speech in Westminster this morning, Lord Owen said despite the “quagmire of the EU budget” it can be estimated the annual cost of Britain’s EU membership is £10billion a year.

Lord Owen outlined his plans for spending five years worth of EU budget savings in the event of a Brexit vote.

He called for the money to be pooled into a ‘National Dividend’ much like the so-called ‘Peace Dividend’ that was saved from UK defence spending following the end of the Cold War.

He said: “The National Dividend should be earmarked and put under the direct responsibility of a Cabinet minister, preferably without a portfolio, to be used to restore the damage done by uncontrolled immigration to the fabric of British society over many years in specific parts of the country.”

Lord Owen said at least half the cash, which should be kept from going back into the Treasury’s coffers, should be spent on the NHS.

He said he was “absolutely confident this country can live in harmony with many different immigration spells” if Britain regained control of its borders by quitting the EU.

The peer hit out at how Britain is “obligated” under Brussels treaty law to accept any EU national while also attacking the influence of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Britain’s ability to decide who resides in the country.

He said: “Let’s be quite clear about it, with the ECJ hanging in the background there are very considerable limits on who we can stop.”

Criticising the “doom and gloom” of the Treasury’s analysis over the impact of Brexit on the UK economy, Lord Owen asked if the effect of leaving the EU was judged to be so harmful why Sir Jeremy hadn’t ordered such reports to be made available to all Cabinet ministers before the Prime Minister had even announced he would hold a referendum.

Adding to ridicule of Downing Street’s ‘Project Fear’ campaign to keep Britain in the EU, Lord Owen described the Prime Minister’s recent claim Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists would welcome a Brexit vote as “the most extraordinary statement of them all”.

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