EU Referendum

Chilling video warns of British school children saluting EU flag under Brussels superstate

A NEW video launched on the Daily Express website tonight shows the nightmare vision of an EU superstate replacing Britain if voters fail to back Leave on June 23.

The video, funded by British entrepreneur Peter Goldstein, co-founder of Superdrug, shows the shocking image of school children giving the oath to an EU flag before their class begins in the morning.

The chilling vision of Britain’s future, which is the brainchild of former Tory candidate David Roach and Veterans for Britain co-ordinator David Banks, who have founded digital marketing consultancy Imaginexit Ltd, is inspired by the daily “pledge of allegiance” made by US school children to the Stars and Stripes.

The video also shows the EU flag replacing the Union Flag over Parliament and other iconic buildings in Britain.

Mr Goldstein said: “Without question I would be voting out even if I was still in business because, if we Remain, Britain won’t be Britain any more.

“We will be losing our democracy slowly, slowly, bit by bit which is why this is a vote for the benefit of our children and our grandchildren because we want them to continue to live in a country that is a free and open democracy that we currently have in the UK.

“This video sums it up. That is why I hope it gets to be seen again and again and again over the next few weeks ahead of this historic vote.”

EU flag.

Schoolchildren salute the EU flag before lessons in a chilling vision of Britain’s future

Mr Roach said: “British Europhiles have never been honest about the EU’s project to scrap our country.”If we vote Remain they will use it as the green light they’ve always wanted to create a United State of Europe.

“We’d be voting to end our country, and the video’s honest look at the future is designed to wake people up from sleepwalking into a nightmare.”

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