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The British referendum on European Union membership has dominated the U.K. political world for months now, yet polls show overall its pretty much neck and neck.  However, as we all know its down to the people to decide in what is being called the most important political and constitutional question for decades. The British people have a rare chance to have their say after years of campaigning and political maneuvering, it could be special not only for the British people to have their say but a chance for Europe. Britain has a chance to provide leadership to an alternative to the EU; if Britain votes to leave on June 23rd that is.  With Britain, the people of Europe do not hold the EU in high regard and the referendum is showing that there is a credible opposition to a political structure that has not represented the people. The EU has only offered further integration, imposed austerity and has ignored the protests of European citizens. If a Brexit occurs, Britain can provide much needed democratic leadership for the people of Europe and perhaps trigger a domino effect of referendums being held around Europe. This possible trigger could provide the opportunity for democracy and accountability that has not been heard around Europe for decades.

The remain side of the referendum campaign are completely oblivious to this argument. If Britain stays, it will not achieve effective constitutional change as the previous negotiations the Prime Minister embarked on have shown, Jacob Reese Mogg MP described the results as “thin gruel”. Britain’s voting power within an ever expanding EU is minimal and cannot achieve any significant reform remaining within it. The EU is centralising power to keep the Euro afloat and maintain control over the member states. This control is becoming more and more undemocratic in the form of the European Central Bank and European Stability Mechanism, all of which have little to no democratic values. I think this could be by design to actually prevent any opposition by the people to the project which is failing the people themselves and not the elites that govern them. Even if we stoop to the lowest level and argue that the EU is maintaining itself by design to keep its 10,000 employees (or as some argue the elites) who earn over 100,000 euros per year and additional employees earning substantial salaries with expenses, in a job, whist inflicting mass poverty and austerity across southern Europe.  Surely this is a unsustainable form of governance that is not a modern functioning political system?  Britain could give hope to the people of Europe by showing via democracy and not failed negotiations, that this flawed system of governance can be challenged.

Even though many on the remain side such as Nicola Sturgeon MSP argue that the House of Lords is undemocratic like the EU commission, she ignores the fact that the House of Lords has been around for hundreds of years, has experts in many fields to scrutinise legislation and not propose it. This is the key here, the House of Lords has far less power than the Commission and its very questionable of Nicola Sturgeon to use this to divert attention away from the EU’s flaws. Britain has been a world leader in democratic practices and I don’t think she should tell the British people otherwise. The EU has been flawed from the beginning of its process towards political union, Britain has a chance to lead and leave and for the sake of democracy in which free trade, free speech and freedom from war occurs. I hope that  democracy for this reason prevails outside of the EU, the only way to secure this for Britain and Europe, is for Britain to lead and leave.


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