Editorial: It is an obscenity that the ‘Establishment’ should so cynically use the tragedy of Jo Cox’s murder to promote their own agenda of keeping the United Kingdom within the European Union.

jo cox

Jo Cox was a dedicated Representative of her Constituents. She has spent her life caring for others. Before she even became an MP she made a career working for charitable trusts and in other good causes.

She happened to be elected as a Labour MP in the North of England and is all the more unusual in that she genuinely listened to what her Constituents wanted. As previously stated; she considered herself as a ‘Representative’ of her Constituents rather than the general trend in Members of Parliament to consider themselves as ‘Delegates’ and once elected begin to work for their own agenda and for the ‘Party’ alone.

Her brutal murder at the hands of a deranged individual is that much more poignant in that a truly caring person was taken not only from loving husband Brendan and her family but from her Constituents, her colleagues and her many admirers outside of politics.  How disgusting is it that when the Establishment Press and those campaigning to stay in the EU find their campaign faltering, they should latch onto this plainly mentally ill person and try to portray him as a Right Wing fanatic and to associate him as typical of many of those decent and patriotic people who are convinced in their own hearts that they should have the basic Human Right of self-determination.

The People of the North are quite rightly proud of their caring nature. Among the older people and so many of the younger ones, there is an inherent feeling for what is right and an abiding patriotism that has been largely lost in the so-called ‘sophistication’ of those in the South. I have personal experience of this. Having been enlisted in the early 1960’s as a Boy Soldier, it was made incumbent on us that when in uniform and a funeral passed by, then we were required to stand to attention and salute the hearse as it passed by as a sign of respect. That philosophy seems to have been lost in the passage of time.

Although my my immediate family are originally from London, they have all apart from myself, over the years moved up to Halifax in West Yorkshire. When my late Father died some years ago, one of the abiding memories I have is that so many of the older Gentlemen removed their hats as his cortege passed by. I am sure this is so for those of my family that noticed the gesture. It was a great comfort to me in my grief. It seemed so natural that even strangers recognised that grief is universal and that they should share with the grief of the family even though they were strangers.

The point that I am trying to make in my somewhat inept way is that it is natural for the bereaved to be gratified that so many others join with them in their grief but it can also make the bereaved open to manipulation. Yes, it is especially OK for the bereaved to promote the beliefs of the demised especially if they also hold those beliefs. It is NOT OK for the establishment to use that grief for their own agenda. That is beyond cynicism, it is plain exploitation.

Despite Jo Cox’s obvious regard for her Constituents, and those for her, the fact remains that so many people in the Northern Labour heartlands do not agree with the Parliamentary Labour Party policy of promoting the EU. It is an anathema to them that politicians for their own agenda should attempt to keep Britain in so obviously an anti-democratic Institution such as the EU to the detriment of the British People. It is especially so that their actions amount to Treason under British Law but, more than this, they simply do not wish to be ruled by an unelected and unaccountable EU that so much offends their birthright to be British. They certainly do not deserve to be portrayed as a bunch of Right Wing hooligans simply because they want their Country back.

It is especially onerous that the ‘Establishment’ that wish us to stay within the EU for nothing more than their own selfish ends should take advantage of the grief of such a decent woman by their families in such a cynical using the natural need of the family to promote their own insidious cause. What is worse, the Press and the Establishment are bringing Jo’s Husband, Brendan, into the political argument When they should be left alone to grieve. The politicians and the press cannot present a plausible case to remain within the EU and so they seek to diminish the grief of those immediately affected by trying to portray the murder as a political act rather than that of a particularly deranged individual..

Whatever the opinions of those that vote on June, 23rd, I hope it is from their natural and considered assessment of the very poor information that has been deliberately given them to vote irrespective of this tragedy because it has nothing whatever to do with the natural instincts of those that consider their Country.

Peter Brown

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