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David Cameron has demeaned the country he is meant to lead and inspire.
















We expect our Prime Ministers to stand up for our country and fiercely guard its reputations. We expect them to lead positively and to make us feel optimistic about our future and our capabilities.  We expect them to be proud and make us feel proud. David Cameron, in his pursuit to prevent Britain becoming a self-governing country, has talked this country down endlessly and in doing so he has demeaned this country and his great office of state.

Today in The Telegraph he has said that for Britain to choose independence would be “an abject, self-imposed humiliation”. That is what he thinks of the country he leads. This has been a consistent message. The whole Remain message from Cameron and Osborne has been to say that Britain cannot stand on its own two feet and relate to the world as a self-governing nation.  He has conceded nothing to the other side and has presented an entirely negative and gloomy picture of Britain’s future outside of the EU. It has been truly disheartening.

Without the EU to govern us we will descend into chaos, lose our rights, our economy will nose dive and – worst of all – our society will become intolerant, insular and illiberal. He depicts the EU as a patriarch that we need to protect us, keep us safe and keep us civilised; he is like a pathetically submissive native collaborator of some miserable colony.

By his side is the Downing Street hopeful George Osborne sneering at half the country who go against his wishes. He must be one of the first Chancellor’s to proactively cause economic harm by talking down our strengths, issuing apocalyptic warnings of economic doom, using Treasury resources to predict a recession and promising to commit economic suicide if we vote to leave. According to this worldview Britain cannot survive independently, has no voice in the world, has now economic strengths and is basically a weak, pathetic nation that would collapse if it attempted to govern itself.

The two most powerful men in the country have spent months setting out the most unpatriotic, self-diminishing case for our submission to a supranational government that you could possibly imagine. According to Cameron and Osborne we are simply doomed without our rulers in Brussels.

What David Cameron has tried to hammer home to the public, is that Britain is entirely dependent on the EU. Without it, according to him, our living standards would plummet, the NHS would be in danger, our security weakened, and our society. We are a protectorate. That is what your leaders are telling you. We need the EU to prop us up and control us. It is for your own good.

The Government strategy for Remain can be summed up in one word: defeatism. They have tried to turn it around and accuse Brexiteers of being “quitters” even though the majority of us object to being governed by the EU on principle. The reality is that their campaign of intimidation is an exercise in abject defeatism. They have undermined this countries qualities, its traditions and its strengths.

We have a record of liberty, democracy, human rights and political and economic security that the whole of Europe is envious of and much of and has been emulated all over the world. Brave men have fought and died for these values so to imagine they are at risk from leaving the EU is to do this nation a great disservice.

We have the world’s fifth largest economy, armed forces respected across the world, diverse industries, highly sought after expertise in every field, world leading manufacturers in pharmaceuticals, defence and aerospace (they are just a few examples) and the world’s financial centre.  We are the cultural dynamo of Europe with the kind of soft power with which few countries can compete. We have so much to offer the world. Yet we have a Prime Minister intent on talking us down and refusing to acknowledge our achievements.

Brexit will unlock our potential. We would gain vast policy making power meaning we’d have the essential ability to properly coordinate our policies. It would bring back a sense of direction and purpose to our foreign policy which is being diminished as we outsource it. We would represent ourselves and regain a vote and veto in the international organisations and forums that make up the “top tables” of the world. We would gain control over the laws we adopt. It is our opportunity for renewal and reform. Self-governance will require a rebuilding of the state and a mass recruitment of talented and innovative individuals fit for nation building. It is an exciting opportunity we should not spurn.

Cameron simply believes it would be an unmitigated disaster; a “humiliation”. He has claimed that there are no benefits whatsoever to self-rule and that leaving the EU is essentially impossible. He is a liar. He is the quitter. For shame.

I am proud of the values and traditions of this country and I believe we can do much good in the world. Clearly we must work closely with other countries and cooperate through various forums and associations, but the EU is an aspiring state and a supreme government. Despite the misleading words of David Cameron today it is not like NATO or the UN. Britain does not need to be a vassal and refusing to be one does not mean we are isolated, insular or illiberal. It doesn’t have to a humiliation or a disaster. Other countries are prosperous and cooperate with the world on an intergovernmental basis. So will we.

Why does Cameron talk us down? Because he went across Europe like a supplicant and came back with a failed renegotiation and a fraudulent deal.  Because he knows the majority of the British people are unhappy with with being in a political and judicial union.  His case is so weak that he knows he has to rubbish Britain and try and make the public feel afraid. He knows that his job is on the line. To save himself he is absolutely determined to trash Britain and make us feel like a finished and defeated country that has to resign itself to permanent subordination.

He is no longer fit to lead this country.


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