EU Referendum

The YOUNG ‘Brexit the Movie’

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It seems that not ALL University Students are too shortsighted to see beyond the nose on their faces.

At the behest of their Dons who have convinced them that the Universities will not get research grants if we should leave the EU, they are about to selfishly sell their Country away for the sake of grants that they may not even receive as there is likelihood that several major Countries will require massive bale=outs in the near future including Italy and Spain and possibly, even France.  Britain after a ‘failed’ referendum vote will be left very low on the priority list.

These same Students also appear to overlook the fact continued, massive immigration from the EU when these Countries go broke and flock to Britain to take up many of the job prospects they may have had when they leave University.

However there is some enlightenment in the Halls of Academia as the movie below illustrates.

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