A great victory for democracy

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A great victory for democracy?


Err, no.

The truth is; Britain has NEVER been a democracy.  The People of Britain have always lived in an Oligarchy where the power has always been in the hands of the few.  Things improved in 1215 with Magna Carta that reduced the absolute power of the Monarch and was improved on by Cromwell’s assertion of Parliamentary power as the paramount Law Making organisation in this Country.  But Parliament itself has never been democratic.  The members of Parliament were initially appointed by other powerful men and even the emancipation of some of the people at the beginning of the last Century only marginally improved matters because it was generally only land-owners that could vote.  Eventually women were allowed to vote and, eventually, voting was open to all that had reached the age of ‘Majority’ which was originally 21 years old but was reduced to 18 years several decades later.

But the fact remains;  Britain is not a democracy, it is an ‘Elected Oligarchy’ in which those that are voted into Parliament are not ‘Representatives’ but consider themselves as ‘Delegates’ and once elected to Parliament, consider themselves our Leaders and proceed to follow their own and ‘Party’ agenda without regard to the wishes of those that elected them to Parliament.

It is true that some of the more enlightened Members of Parliament often follow the wishes of individual Constituents, but the general trend has always been Party first and their own agenda second with the wishes of the Constituent a distant third but only if it was to their advantage.

The reason that last night’s referendum result is not ‘democratic’ is that even though the wishes of the majority who wanted to leave the European Union has been accepted, it has done nothing to change the attitude of Parliament that put us in the situation in the first place.

Despite having taken us, unlawfully (it was treason according to the Law of the Land), into what was promised as merely a trading bloc, they conspired to keep the information from us that it was known from the start that it was intended as a political Union with the ultimate intention that it would eventually lead to a federal state.

On the way, the situation became worse, largely under the influence of Tony Blair, which provided the advent of the ‘career politician’ which saw ‘chosen’ politicians ‘parachuted’ into safe seats in which they had no local connection.  It did not matter because they had no intention of following the wishes of the Constituents but merely saw it as a route for personal advancement.

The majority of the Members in Parliament, though they knew of the considerable misgivings and protests of much of the Electorate, refused to allow the wishes of the Electorate to be realised.  Through a miscalculation, having arrived at a situation where a referendum was promised, by far the majority of MPs of all Parties fought tooth and nail against the referendum.  They simply did not want us to have a say on our Country’s right of self determination because it did not suit their personal agenda.  The majority of the Electorate found themselves disenfranchised because not one single Party appeared to represent them.

The Labour Party voters especially felt that they no longer had a Party that represented their wishes and it was felt that the ‘Metropolitan Elite’ that now formed the Labour Party were a totally different breed to the likes of Kier Hardy and Aneurin Bevan who originally set up the Labour Party to the benefit of the working man.

The result was quite plain during the referendum, the Labour Party supporters abandoned the Party in droves and voted against them.  As the results of the referendum became known, the response of the politicians was either to voice the usual platitudes ‘that lessons have been learned’ (but are NEVER acted upon) or there was open hostility in the form that the referendum should never have been allowed to happen as they considered it their sole prerogative to have only their opinions recognised.

David Cameron, some time before the last election promised to introduce accountability of Parliament by the right of ‘recall’ in which given a sufficient number of Constituent signatures, could force an MP to face a tribunal of his local Party.  This, of course, was watered down and just did not happen.

Now that we have voted to leave the European Union, we must now finish the job and bring democracy to the British Parliament and Local Authority.  The nearest thing to democracy in Europe is the Swiss model.  Switzerland is not a member of the EU.  Instead, they trade by a series of bi-lateral treaties which are approved in every case by referendum of the Electorate.  We must never again contemplate joining such an organisation such as the EU, but we must establish a system of Government in Britain whereby our Parliamentary ‘REPRESENTATIVES’ are fully accountable at all times to the Electorate.  It requires only 50,000 voters to call for a referendum to the Swiss Government and the Government MUST provide one.  We must establish a similar system in Britain.

Labour and a considerable number of the Conservative voters defied the Government and voted to leave the EU.  That was their ‘Democratic’ choice.  Cameron has made it known that he will resign and it is highly possible that the vote of no confidence call on Corbyn could result in an early General Election.  Should this be so, we must continue the process and abandon all of those MPs who have shewn themselves to be undemocratic.  To follow old Party loyalties now that we have seen just how much contempt they hold us in would be ludicrous in the extreme.

This Country must vote only for those that shew themselves willing to submit to the will of the People at all times before they can expect to be voted into Office.  If necessary, abandon whole Parties and vote only for those that have not yet been tainted by the usual attitude of that they are our masters and we must be subservient.  It will not come easy to politicians but we must not allow them to slip back into running the Country purely for their own convenience.  It will also not be easy for the Electorate because they have always been subservient to Parliament.

I know that this may appear radical but we are entitled to true democracy, not the sham that has existed for far too long and the solution is in our hands alone.

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