An open letter to the Scottish People

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Let’s put Sturgeon’s claim in perspective. Of the total votes cast in the UK (33,551,983), only 2,681,179 (12.5%) were cast in Scotland.

Despite the SNP claim that membership of the European Union the vote was so important in Scotland, barely two-thirds of those eligible to vote bothered to vote at all (just 67%) as opposed to 72% Nationally and second only in low turn out to Northern Ireland (the other ‘Nationalist’ area).

The Scots are known for their Nationalistic fervour but they are also know for their realistic outlook. As a Nation, they are far from stupid as they have given so much in their contributions to British science and prosperity with the likes of James Watt, John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming and Daniel Rutherford to name only a small fraction.

They may be being wound up in their Nationalistic fervour by self seeking politicians but eventually, they see the polticians for what they are and take the pragmatic line.

In 2014, the Scottish referendum resulted in a ‘No’ vote with a substantial margin whilst it was known that there was likely to be an EU referendum in which it was highly possible that Britain would vote to leave the European Union yet a large majority, in a very large turnout, voted to stay within the United Kingdom even though they were fed spurious claims of Scottish fiscal viability by the SNP.

A few months later, the bottom dropped out of the oil market (the SNP’s main source of projected income). Scotland, had they chosen ‘Independence’ would have lost access to the Barnett Formula which is worth £1600 per head of population and with a total of 24% of Scottish employment being in the ‘Public’ sector and much of that dependent on UK funding. Had they voted to leave the UK, Scotland would have been another Greece.

The massive drop in oil price bottomed out at below $30 per barrel and Scotland needs at least $50 per barrel just to break even without any surplus for growth and investment. The current price on the World market is still only $48 dollars a barrel. It is rising slowly again but still has not reached the minimum threshold for Scotland to even survive autonomously. With the currrent trend, especially in the EU, to move to ‘sustainable’ sources of energy, it is highly unlikely that oil prices will reach anywhere near the previous levels that will be needed to fulfil the claims of the SNP that will sustain Scotland.

Even if oil should rise to sustainable levels again, the Scots know that to rely on a single commodity for the mainstay of their economy is fiscal suicide because they know that if it happened once, it can happen again. Especially so with the world trend to move away from hydrocarbon fuels. Scotland would become a third World economy.

It is well known that the Scottish People have a distrust of the Westminster Parliament and that is why there have been calls for ‘Indpendence’ from the UK. However, ‘Independence’ means just that: to not be dependent on anyone else. The loss of the oil market has proven that Scotland by itself cannot be independent of the UK without massive moves away to other sources of income which in turn, require massive investment. When the people of Scotland finally come down from the jingoistic fervour manufactured by the SNP, they will realise that realistically, they are being taken for a ride by self serving politicians that are intent only on keeping their personal power and will tell any lie and create as much discontent as possible to achieve this.

The Scottish People decry what they perceive as a lack of democracy in Britain and some wish to withdraw from it. The truth is that few people realise that Britain (all of it) has never been a democracy. It has been, at best, an elective oligarchy whereby a few that have been elected into Office, immediately consider themselves as ‘delegates’ rather than ‘Representatives’ of the People that placed them in that position. They consider themselves as our Masters rather than the Servants of the People. Even after the referendum, there are far too many politicians that are declaring that a referendum should never have been held because it is their prerogative to decide in which direction this Country goes, and theirs alone.

These same politicians have by lies and deceipt brought us into what was portrayed as a trading bloc whilst knowing from the start that it has always been intended as a federal state of Europe. Even those that were not originally of the group that brought us in continue to perpetuate the lie because so many have seen that to be in such a ‘club’ can bring them untold advantage. This is not only true of politicians but also by the richer members of society and heads of large businesses that will see themselves prosper but be above any harm to those without the means to protect themselves from the repercussions of such a situation. This in itself is bad enough but for the People to be drawn into it when there is absolutely no semblance of democracy within its make up is pure insanity. Even the only visible ‘indication’ of democracy; the European Parliament is the only ‘Parliament’ in the World that has NO legislative power. That power is solely in the hands of the unelected Commission who then pass down what they have decided for ‘ratification’ by willing stooges in the Parliament.

The EU has bought loyalty from various Countries and organisations by the apparent largess of giving them back their own money. The EU does not possess any money of its own. The United Kingdom is the second highest contributor and receives back less than half of the money that is paid and that that is returned by way of ‘grants’ may only be spent in the way the EU directs. Surely it is better that we keep our own money and spend all of it in the way that we wish and make massive savings in the process.

The People in the United Kingdom that voted for secession from the European Union share the total distrust of the Westminster Parliament. They have come to realise that the whole ‘Westminster Bubble’ is composed mainly of self seeking politicians who have no regard as Parties for the People that they are supposed to serve and, instead, act only for their own personal advantage. They have learned that there is hardly any distinction at all between any of the Parliamentary Parties and that those parties have no loyalty to the very People that voted them into Office. Scotland chose to obliterate the Labour Party in Scotland because they appear to no longer represent the working man. The same attitude has been exhibited by the ordinary people of the North of England who also do not wish to continue supporting a ‘Metropolitan Elite’ of career politicians who, largely have been ‘parachuted’ into safe seats that they have no personal regard for except that it gets them into the lucrative career of an MP. The same applies to the LibDems in many cases. I know that the majority of Scots will scoff at the idea, but the only people, with a very few notable exceptions, that appear to have any regard for democracy and sovereignty have been some in the Conservative Party. I would hasten to add at this point that I do not support any of those parties but where credit is due, it must be acknowledged.

It is up to the Electorate of the United Kingdom to continue to reject all of those that would manipulate them by voting them out of Office. We have made a small start, but we must not be taken in by career politicians.

Despite the insults thrown against each other by both sides in the newspapers and the social media; most realise that the United Kingdom as a whole is far, far is far stronger together. We all have similar talents and we should use them together to our advantage. I honestly believe that we can all work together for a better future but we also have to work together to rid ourselves of self seeking politicians and make them all accountable directly to us.

Scotland, I implore you to return to your usual hard headedness and reject the manipulations of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP who are distorting the natural regard for your Country and turning it into a jingoism that will eventually be your ruin just so that they can remain in the fashion to which they have become accustomed at your expense.  Not only that, they are the very same type of politician that are betraying the United Kingdom as a whole.


Peter Brown

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