Editorial – A response to Peter Mandler`s Guest Blog “Britain`s Problem is a London Problem”.


I would like to respond to the article written by Peter Mandler and his Guest Blog “Britain`s Problem is a London Problem”. His understanding of the situation is not as I see it.

The European Union is not static, it is progressive, and what we vote for now is not what we will have to live with in one or two years’ time, let alone the decades to come. The EU is a political structure and exists to create a single state, its tactics outlined by founding father Jean Monnet. Jean Monnet stated “Europe’s nations should be guided towards a Federal Superstate without the people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

The EU’s mission is clearly stated, using Monnet’s words. It is important to mention this, as the refusal of the Remain side to acknowledge this, destroys any attempt at honest discussion. Peter Mandler has not mentioned this in his argument, and not once has he mentioned Democracy or Freedom.

A trade deal does not need a President, an Anthem, a Flag, a Currency, a Parliament, the ability to make Law, Tens of billions of pounds of donations, its own Paramilitary Police Force. Neither does it need to plan an army. The nature of this body is there in the suffering of Greece, Italy and Spain, where debt is used to strip back services and enforce austerity and privatisation, being an EU directive.

Attempts to talk seriously about the undemocratic nature of the European Union are consistently sidelined, some of its apologists openly questioning the importance of sovereignty and, thereby, the worth of an electorate. For anyone who genuinely believes in democracy, this is impossible to accept, and shows the depths to which our political class has sunk. No organisation gives up its power without a fight, but there are less and less ways to confront the EU, which is going to become increasingly arrogant and unaccountable in the coming years. When challenged about its mistakes, Brussels does not apologise, but instead demands more control.

If the result had been to Remain in the EU, the battle to leave would have intensified, as is being seen in the Remain side. Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously mistaken, the backlash has be immediate, fuelled by numbers and a surge of anger, as they believe the Referendum has been unfair and the Government has not been impartial. Few people have any real affection for the EU, but many will be swayed by the scaremongering as they are afraid of losing their jobs and homes. This fear is being used by the Political Elite as a form of bribery has distorted the vote. The rich and powerful will of course look after themselves, and they are the ones the EU benefits.  Peter Mandler appears to have no concept of this axiomatic truth, because of his position and his clear opinion of people who he thinks are beneath the London Elites.

What is amazing is that after all the years of sarcasm and smears, anyone who dared speak out against the EU was branded racist, fascist, anarchist, a socialist/communist or just plain boring, This reflects the split between those in positions of control and the wider population, a division that would of deteriorated if we had not left the EU. This referendum has offered us the chance to make a fresh start.

We should not be afraid of life outside the EU. The independence we voted for  will be a kick in the teeth for those in power, it has been a major shock to a party-political system that has refused to represent the views of the people, that Peter Mandler puts in such high regard. We have chosen democracy and the decentralising of power, and such a show of confidence could energise the nation. The direction of our society will be fought over, and we have big problems to confront, but a negative influence has now been removed and our destiny would be in our own hands. With the establishment humiliated, a better sort of politics might even emerge. We should be positive, embrace change and choose an exciting future.

Clive Taylor Sholl     25th June 2016

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