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Nigel Farage: Get behind Brexit as countries are RACING to trade with the UK

COUNTRIES scrambling to arrange trade deals with the UK prove Brexit was the right vote for Britain, Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said.

Nigel Farage was heckled in Brussels today

Getty Images/ Sky News   Nigel Farage said countries across the globe are moving to make trade deals with Britain post brexit

The Brexit spearhead also addressed Remain voters and said they need to admit defeat and help “get Britain back”.Hours after being heckled in Brussels Farage remained defiant about Britain’s positive future, insisting its position of global power will not be diminished after quitting the Union.

The former MEP also hit out at Remain campaigners who are still fighting the decision.

Nigel Farage wants Remainers to back Brexit

Getty Images   Nigel Farage condemned racist attacks against people in Britain after Brexit vote

He said: “What I was met with today was a torrent of abuse. You used to laugh at me, you’re not laughing now

“I know there is a small percent of the UK that absolutely believes in the EU, wants us to join the euro and believe in the united states of Europe – there aren’t many of them.“Most Remainers that I met going round the country believed that they were told as part of project fear – which became protect threat.

“Namely, that normal economic activity could not continue outside the European Union.”

Since leaving the EU share prices have plummeted for businesses like Barclays bank and the pound hit a 35 year low.

But Mr Farage said short term reactions would soon be reversed, after Prime Ministers elsewhere in the world revealed they would immediately begin looking at the kind of trade and movement deal they can work out with Britain.

Getty Images    New Zealand president John Key said his country will begin working on a new deal with the UK

“Let’s be clear what the British people voted for.“Despite all the threats of politicians, the international community, the IMF, President Obama, you name it – what we voted for was to take back control of our country,to make our own laws and take control our own borders.

“That is what we voted for and 17.5million people went out and did that and they must not be cheated.”

Mr Farage was questioned on the racist attacks which have happened since the June 23 referendum.

One charity claimed reports of racism had gone up 57 per cent in the last month, and incidents have been reported all over the country, including horrific footage emerging of youths abusing an Asian man on a tram in Manchester.

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