Editorial – Theresa May must never be allowed to be Prime Minister.

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Since the dramatic win in the referendum for the ‘Leave’ campaign, it has become more important than ever, that we take the opportunity. to once again make the United Kingdom able to fulfill its true potential in the World.

As expected, David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister (though he has chosen to leave the Country in Limbo by staying in Office until September).  Unfortunately, the other purveyor of doom and gloom that portrayed Britain as some weak Banana Republic unable to sustain itself in the wide World, George Osborne, has chosen to NOT fall on his sword but still hangs on for dear life to his position of Chancellor.  Both must go, and quickly, to reduce the damage that they have caused Britain by their attempt to divide the People with their lies and obfuscations merely to sustain their positions of power in their chosen environment; the EU.  We now need, more than ever, a Government that can be trusted by the People to fulfill their democratic wishes and fight tooth and nail for Britain’s interests.  That is why we must have Parliamentary Representatives that have consistently shewn that they believe in an independent Britain and have stood up against the Government in the referendum.

The new Prime Minister must have the complete trust of the People in order to bring some reunification to the population of Britain.  He or she must not be tainted by suspicion of personal ambition as so many politicians have been.  Including, sadly, some members of the ‘Leave’ Campaign.  We at have always been suspicious of the motives of Boris Johnson as he was considered a ‘lazy’ politician during his first tenure as an MP.  As Mayor of London, he appeared to spend most of his time ‘show boating’ and promoting himself whilst leaving virtually all of his duties to his Deputy Mayors and only involved himself in high profile projects that brought him personal publicity.  His controversial scheme dubbed ‘Boris Bikes’ which was supposed to provide cycles for short journeys across London was supposed to have been ‘cost neutral’ but ended up costing the People of London many millions.

This website has always believed Michael Gove to be a decent, honorable and very able politician.  He has never been afraid to confront the Establishment for what he believes.  He was betrayed by David Cameron, his friend, by being removed from his post as Education Secretary merely to appease left-wing opposition to his much needed policies.  Yet, he remained loyal to Cameron.  Though Boris Johnson has established himself at the forefront of the Leave campaign and no doubt, even in his primary motive of self aggrandisement, gave considerable benefit to the campaign, Michael Gove was convinced that Johnson would be catastrophic as Prime Minister and consequently refused to back him in the role.  Instead, Gove chose to stand himself rather than subject the Country to the possibility of Johnson making the Country a laughing stock as Prime Minister.  Boris as Prime Minister brings to mind the probability of the same disdain as was heaped upon his namesake, Boris Yeltsin in Russia.  Unfortunately, the media have chosen to portray Michael Gove as a treacherous ‘back stabber’.  Patently untrue, but it has ruined his chances of being a somewhat reluctant but capable Prime Minister.

The current ‘Favorite’ for the position of Prime Minister appears to be Theresa May.  In the opinion of this website; we would rather have had Johnson elected instead of her.  At least Johnson fought openly for what he wanted whereas May has deliberately kept herself from any controversy during the referendum campaign.

At the start of the campaign, she was happy to give the impression that she was a ‘Eurosceptic’ and may have even be selected as the Leader of the ‘Leave’ campaign.  However, at the last minute, she decided to side with the Government as she saw it as her best chance to fulfill her ambition to become Prime Minister.  She considered that she was in a win-win situation as she was positioned to continue to enjoy the support of many Europhile Conservatives in a Leadership election when Cameron vacated the position before the next Parliament or, alternatively, she saw a much reduced competition if the Government lost the referendum as is now the current case.

Unlike Sajid Javid (Business Secretary) who also declared himself as a Eurosceptic but gambled on staying with the Government side in an effort to save his career, May kept a completely low profile in order to be excluded from any controversy that would taint her chances no matter which side won.

May is completely unprincipled in her ambition for personal advancement.  She is openly sycophantic to the present Government whilst all the while is ruthlessly positioning herself to be Prime Minister and would not hesitate to cut the political ‘throat’ of anyone who stood in her way.

But what if May realised her ambition to be Prime Minister?  What could she bring to the table?  The answer is: very little.  She is an incompetent and totally uncharismatic member of the Government.

In her very much over long tenure as Home Secretary she has done very little to advance the benefits to this Country within the EU.  For example; among her catalogue of failure to have Abu Qatada extradited to Jordan on terrorist charges which was allowed to drag on for 3 long years because of her failure to set up a treaty with Jordan to prevent torture being used in obtaining evidence.  She even at one stage missed an opportunity to deport him because of a failure to submit the necessary papers on time:

She has signally failed in her primary duty to protect the British People by her complete lack of control of our borders.  She has been Home Secretary since 2010 and yet has done nothing tangible to establish a Border Force that can effectively prevent hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the Country including many known terrorists that are able to come and go at will.  In this day of sophisticated technology, she seems incapable of establishing a system that records the identity of those entering and leaving the Country.  The Government simply has no idea of who is in the Country or not but it is well known that ‘Official’ guesstimates of those living here are woefully understated.  Various Supermarket Buyers Associations are adamant that they are having to provide goods on their shelves for at least another 4 million over and above the Government’s estimate of the population;

Perhaps, certainly in our opinion, her biggest crime was opting back into the ‘Justice and Home Affairs’ legislation for which Britain had an opt-out.  In accordance with the majority of Government on both sides of both Houses to take us into complete control of Britain by the EU, she chose to betray around 1100 years of hard won rights and freedoms to the British People.  In accepting Britain’s involvement in the iniquitous European Arrest Warrant she has denied British People the right to ‘Habeus Corpus; (latin for show me the body’) which gave everybody the right to face their accusers within hours together with just cause and also brought us under the threat of ‘Double Jeopardy’ which under British Common Law, protected us from being tried twice for the same crime.  Any British Citizen can now be arrested by the Police of a foreign power and removed to a Country where the ‘crime’ may not even be recognised as such under British Law simply by filling in the correct paperwork and the British Courts are powerless to stop it.  There are many instances whereby British Citizens have been arrested and held without charge and without legal counsel simply whilst the crime is being ‘investigated’ and other situations whereby Britons have even been exonerated by a foreign court but has been appealed against by their local prosecutors making them liable for re-arrest should they leave Britain on holiday (there are several examples of this in our ebook:  ‘Democracy in a Federalised Europe’ which can be downloaded from the website).

Even if the British Public were not already aware of her failings in Office, could any politician that was so much enamoured of the European Union be trusted in any way to be in charge of negotiating our exit from the EU in Britain’s interests rather than to the advantage of her former masters?

What Britain needs now is a Prime Minister that is trusted to do the right thing for Britain’s interests and also bring the return of some much needed integrity to Parliament.  Our preference is for Jacob Rees-Mogg who is highly regarded on both sides of Government for intelligence, courtesy and humour.  Though having never been on the Government ‘Front Benches’ he has constantly shewn himself able to use his remarkable insight to massive effect against the Opposition and frequently, when deserved, against his own Government.  He has also shewn himself to be a Eurosceptic as he sincerely believes in the right for the British to be in control of their own lives instead of being dictated to by unelected Officials in Brussels.  It is only right that having decided to leave the EU, we should have a Government led by a decent politician as we go into post referendum negotiations.  In our estimation; a perfect ‘dream ticket’ would be Rees-Mogg as Prime Minister with Andrea Leadsom as Chancellor if only Rees-Mogg would also throw his name into the ring for election.

If that is not to be, then the only possible choice for a Country that needs to recover its full sovereignty without being influenced by the ambitions of the same sort of politician that took us into the EU for the sake of their own ambition or ideology and without our consent then the only remaining candidate for Prime Minister is Andrea Leadsom who is the only remaining candidate who has consistently fought on the side of Brexit.

Andrea Leadsom is a brilliant economist that was placed in charge of Barclay’s Bank UK Operations at the very young age of 32 and although a relatively new politician, she was first elected under the 2010 intake she has already proven that she was willing to stand up to her Boss, George Osborne, whilst working in the Treasury.  She is precisely the type of person that the United Kingdom needs to be fighting in its corner.  She understands the economics of the situation and will not allow herself to be bullied.  For what it is worth, this website fully endorses Andrea Leadsom in the forthcoming Prime Ministerial election.

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Clive Taylor-Sholl

If Theresa May became our PM could she further ensure our government can be made so redundant, and is so cowardly, so useless, so stupidly blind, and so negligent of its duty to protect those it governs, us, that it still doesn’t recognise the manifestation of the most urgent and malignant force seeking to destroy us since 1939, and try and do nothing to ensure we do not Leave this Political Union ? Because I do.

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