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Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 13/07/2016. London, United Kingdom. Theresa May Becomes the New Prime Minister. The New British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in No1o Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 13/07/2016. London, United Kingdom. Theresa May Becomes the New Prime Minister. The New British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in No1o Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

And so, we have a new Prime Minister.

This website still remains deeply sceptical. Theresa May, at first impressions wishes to convey that she will be ‘all things to all people’ yet that cannot be done. It is the continuing theory that she is first and foremost a ‘politician’ with all the connotations implied within the word. She was elected by the Conservative Party in an effort to bring unity back to them, but the Country needs someone who will bring back unity to the People. To the Electorate, the cohesion of a political Party is of a very minor importance. We just do not care whether a political Party can continue, our only desire is to get our Country back.

We are not encouraged by her proposed Cabinet. The Chancellor will be the mealy mouthed Philip Hammond whose opinions change with the wind. Boris Johnson will be installed as Foreign Secretary. A person that is widely considered to be a diletante with a reputation for being lazy. Unless he changes his attitude dramatically, he will be viewed in a similar vein to his namesake, Boris Yeltsin on the World stage and with it, remove any credibility that Britain has. The World’s Leaders will simply see straight through his usual ‘show boating’. He has considerable ‘growing up’ to do before he can be seen as a real representative of the British People. We are also deeply suspicious as to why he gave up his electoral bid so easily when he was confronted by Michael Gove. It suggests that he did not want a deep investigation into his life for whatever reason. This is the first time and probably the last that we agree with Angela Eagle that she is ‘stunned’ by making Johnson the Foreign Secretary.

Amber Rudd has been promoted as Home Secretary to replace Mrs. May. She was one of the most prominent speakers for the ‘Remain’ camp and is hardly placed to instill confidence to the majority of the British Electorate that voted to leave the EU.

She has, at least, not only rid herself of George Osborne, her nearest rival to the back benches, but at the same time, rid the Country of the most insidious member of ‘Project Fear’ that is despised by most of the Country.

The only possible ‘shining light’ is the appointment of David Davis as Minister for Brexit. Though originally a strong proponent of Brexit, has shewn himself of late to be a somewhat ‘liberal’ politician when what the Country needs is a ‘firebrand’ to fight our corner. Whereas there is no doubt that he is intelligent and not an ‘Establishment’ figure, it remains to be seen whether he will have sufficient drive to achieve what is best for Britain in the crucial months ahead.

It was widely reported before her ‘Coronation’ that she intended to install several women in prominent positions of Government. She has not so far done so but it is early days. This website is not misogynistic, it matters not who is installed into Government as long as it is done purely on merit and not as a matter of feminist ideology or as ‘payback’ for favours granted.

One deeply worrying thing is that she has been talking of installing ‘lay’ members onto Corporate Boards a la Continental practice. Whereas such a situation may be tenable on large Corporative Boards where influence in the running of the Company is muted by numbers, it has the potential to be disastrous in small and medium sized concerns where the rights of a person who has put his or her life into building a company that employs many people will find that their policy and their ability to run the company is undermined by militant Union interests rather than the profitability of the Company. It is all very well where there is trust between owners and staff in companies such as Wetherspoons and John Lewis where the structure is more of a partnership between staff and management but such concerns are few and far between.

What this Country needs, more than any other time, is a decisive Leader that will put the Country ahead of any desire to ingratiate herself with the Electorate or Party by being a ‘Touchy-Feely’ person.

Mrs May has fought long and hard to achieve her ambition to be Prime Minister. The present Government has just under 4 years before the next General Election. Mrs May has probably no more than 3 years to prove her worth and to fulfill her pledge to bring the United Kingdom out of the European Union. She may not completely achieve that but she must not allow the likes of Hammond to play down the worth of Britain and place impediment on the need to make a speedy exit. The Electorate will not stand for it as she knows, despite the disarray of the other political parties, that there is a very large threat that many of the Electorate will move towards a strongly Eurosceptic Party such as a newly formed version of UKIP and make her tenure of the Premiership very short indeed.

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Clive Taylor-Sholl

An informative opinion Peter, my view on Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd mirror your own views. I am very disappointed that both Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom was not given prominent positions. I believe a General Election is not too far off. Theresa May`s experience may be good, but I am concerned about her competence, and determination to carry out something that is contrary to her belief.

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