The Remoaners will have to accept the Brexiteers’ victory, blasts LEO McKINSTRY

TOO many of the Remain campaigners still cannot handle the shock of their defeat in the EU referendum.

Davis - Fox - MayGETTY  The Government is working quickly on plans to lead Britain out of the EU

Bewildered, angry and deluded, they wildly grab at any piece of news which they believe could undermine Brexit.

A prime example of this desperation occurred during the failed coup in Turkey, which senior Labour MP Chris Bryant blamed on the British vote for freedom.

“Ludicrous Brexit lies undoubtedly contributed to destabilising,” he tweeted on Friday night. His absurd statement exposed a fundamental contradiction at the heart of the proEU brigade’s case.

The EU has created the real mess in Europe

Leo McKinstry

On the one hand Britain is supposedly so weak that she cannot possibly survive on her own. On the other, Britain is so globally influential that merely through her exercise of democracy she can start a military coup abroad.

But Bryant’s bizarre comment is all too typical of the embittered world now inhabited by the Remoaners.

Lacking a genuine sense of patriotism, they want to turn their forecasts of doom into a grim reality. Yet doom-mongering hardly matches events.

Contrary to the Remoaners’ predictions, there has been no emergency Budget. Similarly all the talk about the dangers of political uncertainty has been grossly overblown.

Within less than three weeks of the referendum outcome, we now have a strong Conservative government with a sense of mission to uphold the mandate of the British people, as reflected by the appointment of three strong Brexiteers – Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis – to strategic positions.

With smug sarcasm, the Remoaners continually speak of the task that ministers face in “clearing up the mess” from European withdrawal. But there is no “mess”, just an exciting opportunity to embrace national liberation.

The hollowness of the gloomy anti-Brexit stance was again illustrated by the optimism on display at the Farnborough Air Show last week, the biggest event of its kind in the world.

In one single day there, no fewer than 191 orders were placed for civil aircraft worth £12billion. As the BBC rather sheepishly admitted: “Evidence of serious concern about Brexit at this international gathering of executives and top brass was thin on the ground.”

Farnborough could be an early indicator that a new era of burgeoning global trade awaits us now that we have thrown off the shackles of Brussels misrule.

Brexit protestGETTY  Remainers predictions have been wrong

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