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Editorial – We have to stop these treacherous politicians in their tracks.


With the first legal challenge requiring Parliament to ratify the initiation of Article 50 it is quite clear that far too many people in this Country do not understand what democracy is.

Chris ‘Captain underpants’ Bryant who sent a ‘selfie’ of himself wearing only a pair of underpants to a ‘Gay’ website is asking us to believe that the attempted coup in Turkey was the direct result of the Brexit vote.

There are numerous comments from disgruntled Members of Parliament that are trying their best to overturn the legal decision of the British People in a referendum set up under the auspices of an Act of Parliament and therefore, the result is MANDATORY in exactly the same way as a General Election is mandatory. We are still seeing the most ridiculous arguments against Brexit, including the most idiotic from Chris Bryant MP (Rhondda) that the attempted coup in Turkey was a direct result of the Brexit decision. Surely the Electorate in his constituency must question his sanity rather than just his inability to represent their wishes.

Since the 24th of June, the majority of Parliamentary politicians have tried to question the legality of the referendum result. Having found that they cannot do that, they are attempting another way of sabotaging Britain’s secession from the European Union by attempting to bring legal action that will force a Parliamentary vote that will not only slow down the process but is intended to prevent the declaration required under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which is the ‘legal’ way for a Member State to secede. Their argument is that the Prime Minister does not have the ‘Royal Prerogative’ to make such a declaration without formal Parliamentary consent.

The ‘Royal Prerogative’ is the right of the Government to carry out certain functions without seeking Parliamentary approval. These include the right to sign (and secede) from treaties as was carried out by Edward Heath when he took us into the, then, European Economic Community and also by Gordon Brown when he signed up Britain for the Lisbon Treaty whilst knowing that doing so was to sign us up for a reformatted ‘European Constitution’ that had been roundly opposed by the French and Dutch in a referendum and consequently abandoned to prevent further referendum losses from other countries.

It is simply not the prerogative of Parliamentary politicians to attempt to refuse the Royal Prerogative simply because they do not like the result of this particular decision.

The ‘Stronger in Europe Campaign is still actively pursuing its illegal campaign to stop the will of the People from being enacted.

The Stronger In Campaign
Dear Caroline,

Following the momentous decision for Britain to leave the EU, British politics is in flux.

A new Prime Minister is now in place but the nature of her approach to leaving the EU is not yet known, Labour is now engaged in a leadership election, and the smaller parties are preparing their own responses to the referendum result.

The months ahead will shape the future of our country and our future relationship with Europe.

It is vital at this moment of political change that the voices of all of you who voted Remain are heard and not lost. As well as staying involved with Stronger In’s future, you may also wish to consider shaping the parties’ own response to the referendum result.

Below are some possible ways you can get involved.


  • From Monday, July 18th to 5pm on Wednesday, July 20th, you can sign up to become a registered supporter of the Labour Party for £25 and participate in their leadership election HERE.
  • You can write to your MP and encourage them to support a leadership candidate that wants Britain to have a close relationship with Europe. Find your MP HERE.
  • You can become a member of the Labour Party to shape their internal debate on Europe (although you won’t have a vote in the leadership contest unless you register as above). Sign up HERE.


  • You can write to your MP and encourage them to ask Theresa May and her new government to support the closest possible relationship with Europe. Find your MP HERE.
  • You can write to the new Cabinet outlining your views on the future of the UK’s relationship with the EU in their policy area. A list of Cabinet members can be found HERE.
  • You can become a member of the Conservative Party to shape their internal debate on Europe. Sign up HERE.

Other parties

  • People living in around 90 constituencies are represented by MPs from parties other than Labour and Conservative. Find your MP HERE.
  • You can become a member of these parties to shape their internal debates on Europe. Sign up HERE (for SNP), HERE (for Liberal Democrats), HERE (for Plaid Cymru), and HERE (for Green Party).

Whatever your views, this is a pivotal and historic moment for our country. The views of those who voted for Britain to remain stronger in Europe should be heard. Please do get involved in shaping our country’s future.

Thank you,
Will Straw

It is becoming clear that many Members of Parliament value staying within the EU more than their jobs. There are millions of people that voted overwhelmingly for the UK to secede from the EU and The Electorate will not stand for their will being ignored by self-serving politicians who depend on their jobs by the People that elect them to Office. Should the legal challenge be won and Members of Parliament are given the right to prevent the initiation of Britain’s secession, then their vote will be recorded for all to see. Those who voted for secession will remember this when next comes a General Election. Even of those that voted to remain, many will be so disgusted with their MP that they will not vote for him or her at the next Election. Many will find that the sheer number who will change their vote will ensure that they MP in question will not be voted into Parliament again. Even if only half of their constituents change their vote, there are very few ‘safe’ seats that can withstand that sort of challenge.

In her speech, Mrs May stated that the People not only voted to leave the EU but for a change in the style of Government. If she was sincere and the majority of MPs are allowed to usurp the will of the People, then she must make it clear to them that she will call an early General Election and let the People decide how they want their so-called representatives to vote.

It is high time that Parliament was disabused of the idea that once elected they can do exactly as THEY want rather than the will of the Constituents. Cameron made a play of attempting to introduce the right of ‘Recall’ by their Constituents but of course, in the same way as Turkeys do not vote for Christmas, MPs overturned that proposal in exactly the same way as they did when caught out during the ‘Expenses Scandal’.

This website calls upon the Prime Minister to make good her pledge by using her powers in an endeavour to bring about these changes.  Especially so of the oft quoted ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ claim that allows career politicians to completely ignore the wishes of their own constituents for their own selfish purposes.  If a General Election is needed to chastise Parliamentary Politicians, let one of the requirements for Candidates be that they will support the right of recall in Parliament.

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I think both/either the Prime Minister May or the mps who even think of considering changing the way or disputing the way the LEAVE EUROPE voted will bring the wrath of the British people upon her/them. Remember they are only in power because the British people voted them into power, excluding PM May and we can just as easily get rid of you all, including May. You MPS were only voted in because of the promises you made to the British people if they voted for you and to turn your backs on them and think you can change thinks… Read more »

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