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German President tells EU – Don’t be harsh, give Britain a GOOD deal on Brexit

GERMAN President Joachim Gauck has urged EU leaders not to be too harsh on the UK during Brexit negotiations.

Joachin GauckGETTY   German President Joachim Gauck

As Theresa May meets with Angela Merkel in their first face-to-face since she became Prime Minister, Mr Gauck has warned against aggressive posturing by member states.

He said: “A harsh stance towards the Brits during the impending negotiations is not the right way to go.

“In politics it is always a good idea to take a deep breath first before seeking out a conversation with others.”

Joachim GauckGETTY  German President Joachim Gauck

A harsh stance towards the Brits during the impending negotiations is not the right way to go

Joachim Gauck

He continued: “Ostentatiously letting the Brits feel the consequences of their decisions wouldn’t be a good way to go when looking at future generations.

“The other 27 members should now not trade as if we were the weaker, the humiliated. An aggrieved expression now wouldn’t help things.”

FlagsGETTY  EU and British flags

Theresa May jetted off from her first Prime Minsiter’s Questions today to head to Berlin for the talk,s before she meets French President Francois Hollande tomorrow.

She has said she wants a “frank” discussion about Britain’s post-Brexit deal.

And as initial negotiations get under way, Mr Gauc k said he could not foresee any major threats for Europe after the Brexit vote and added: “I’m optimistic that we will also master this crisis.”

Theresa MayGETTY  Prime Minister Theresa May is off to Berlin and Paris for Brexit talks

He said: “Europe critics and populists might be dominating the public debate but in most countries they don’t have a majority – and no vision for the future. They don’t have anything convincing on offer.”

Referring to defence against terrorism in Europe Mr Gauck said: “The decisive factor here will also be that we stick together in Europe. Now, especially, we can’t let anyone divide us.”

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John Jones
John Jones

The Germans do know that they require the UK to sell there cars and other produce without us they will not Servive Some of the other countries will also come to that reasoning It all looks that Nigel Farage was right and the rest wrong John Jones


This “advice” could also have something to do with the fact that we in the UK buy considerably more from Germany than they buy from us! Its called “vested Interest”!

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