Editorial – The Great British Sieve.

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It is inconceivable that in this age of technology that the British Government is unable to ascertain who has entered the Country or left it.

In this age of automatic number plate recognition cameras can scan tens of thousands of vehicle number plates on a daily basis and immediately identify the owner of the car from the DVLA database and can work out the average speed of a vehicle between two fixed points and instantly judge whether that vehicle has been speeding on a Motorway and automatically produce a photograph of the driver and issue a Penalty Notice.

Facial Recogniton systems have been available for many years that can identify a person on a database from a simple photograph taken from a not particularly high definition camera. But even the simplest ‘smart phone’ can take a photograph or movie with a resolution of 2 million individual pixels (colour dots) and many can use much higher resolutions.

We have satellite and ‘Drone’ imagery that can read the headlines on a discarded newspaper from several miles in the sky and yet, we have virtually no proper Border Control that can register the person coming into the Country through Customs nor Whether they have subsequently left the Country or not.

For many years every Government in this Country has found itself unable to prevent unwanted or illegal people from entering it despite the fact that we are an Island Nation surrounded by sea.

We have had a continuous problem with hundreds of thousands of immigrants entering the Country on bogus ‘Student Visas’, many sponsored by bogus concerns registered as Educational Establishments. It is only in very recent years that the Government is at last investigating the veracity of these Educational establishments and closing the spurious ones down where they find them but it is still a huge problem. Once in Britain by way of these spurious visas, these ‘Students’ simply disappear into the ‘Black Economy’

Even students who enter the Country on valid visas simply overstay their visas when their courses have finished, or even do not even bother to finish them but also disappear along with those on bogus visas.

In this Country, the Department for Work and Pensions is completely disfunctional. It has issued hundreds of thousands of National Insurance numbers than there are registered persons in this Country. It was not so long ago, and may yet be happening, that the Police, instead of apprehending illegal immigrants that smuggle themselves in on the backs of trucks from the Continent, simply give them directions to Croydon where they are immediately issued with a National Insurance number that automatically gives them the right to work in Britain.

Britain has known terrorists that can simply come to Britain and leave without the Authorities even being aware that they have been here. The recent bombings in Paris were carried out by terrorists that are since know to have entered this Country and left before the Paris bombs were exploded.

It is EU Law that all hotels have to check the passports of all guests and record the information for the Police to be able to check. In France and Italy, it is mandatory and the Police check the information daily. Even in Britain, it has been law since 1973 and is complied with. The only problem is: that the majority of migrants DO NOT STAY IN HOTELS once they come to Britain, and terrorists most certainly do not use any facility where identification is necessary.

The United States has been capable of knowing when a person enters or leaves their Country for many years. The US has recently prevented anyone from entering the Country with a passport that does not carry a ‘biometric chip’ embedded in the document that allows scanning equipment to read the information and instantly assess whether that person is allowed into the Country or not.

Britain, for the past few years, has issued renewed passports with this ‘chip’ incorporated in them but many more passports do not yet have such a chip. Indeed, many other EU States have a similar system of embedding biometric information within them. Britain should follow the example of the United States with immediate effect and prevent those that do not have the information embedded in their passports from entering the Country. It will not be discriminatory as it will be a requirement, eventually, for all British Passports to have the chips.

In the mean time, those that do not have the correct type of passport, will be required to enter a line at customs that will require manual checking of passports against the immigration services database until the time that they renew their passports.

However, even this embedded ‘chip’ is not infallible as a person or group that is intent upon entering Britain can acquire the necessary technology fairly easily to forge such information but it is a good first step. The ultimate method of identification would be to require all visitors to have a ‘retinal scan’ image taken on entry and exit. It will take little time to look into an eyepiece and have the photograph taken. These retinal scans are as unique as fingerprints but take only seconds to take and to check rather than minutes of finger printing.

It is a totally ludicrous situation that Britain has a system that can recognise the number plates on motorways or even in Police cars immediatel
yet cannot install a system that can provide immediate information to various institutions such as the DWP, the NHS and various others that are required to establish the identity of anyone that presents themselves. Far more importantly, with the constant threat of terrorists attempting to enter the Country, we need to know their whereabouts at all times.

At the top of this page is the link to a Government Petition calling upon the Government to install a working system so that the Authorities have access to information on the movements of those that would do the Country harm, or simply not supposed to be here.

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